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Mrs. Fields Is Searching for America’s Hometown Heroes – #ShareYourHero

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As a cookie lover, there are few kinds that I love more than a chocolate chip cookie from Mrs. Fields. It’s been my favorite for decades.

What I didn’t know about Mrs. Fields is that they are a proud supporter of the USO, donating 25,000 cookies to heroes in uniform. Why does this matter? San Diego is a city full of military families so any time a business supports these brave men and women, I’m happy to share.

Here’s a peek at what they are up to.

Mrs. Fields is searching for America’s hometown heroes to appear on future boxes of Mrs. Fields cookies. Anyone can go online to share your hero’s story for a chance to win a year’s supply of cookies for you and your hero. You’ll also receive a $1 Mrs. Fields coupon after submitting your entry.

Your hero could be a family member, a teacher, a member of the military, or whoever you would like to nominate.

Mrs. Fields Chocolate Chip Cookies

As I type this from an airport in Paris, I would have to choose my husband as my hero for creating a life for my daughter and I that involves as much world travel as we can handle (also without her missing more than a few days of school per year).

four seasons paris george v

We don’t need tour guides because he is able to tell her meaningful tidbits (I call him the walking encyclopedia) about almost every landmark and city we visit. His theory is that if she retains 10% of it, that it will be a victory. Someday, she’ll realize how handy this aspect of their relationship is… I’m thinking for high school homework and things like this.

A Mrs. Fields Chocolate Chip Cookie

For more information about the Share Your Hero campaign:

  • Follow the hashtag #ShareYourHero to see who people around the nation are nominating.
  • Follow Mrs. Fields on Twitter and Facebook.

And, enter your hero at

Don’t forget to check out the two new flavors of Mrs. Fields cookies: Dark Chocolate Oatmeal and Butter Pecan Praline.

*This post is brought to you by Mrs. Fields.

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