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Welcome to the La Jolla Mom community.

Welcome to the La Jolla Mom Community

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Things to Do in San Diego/La Jolla Best restaurants, shopping and attractions

KUSI News Gifts for College Grads

From nail treatments to surf lessons to suits for interviews, here’s what I presented on TV as gifts for grads.

nine-ten restaurant la jolla

Go on Wine Wednesday in NINE-TEN Restaurant La Jolla when all bottles are half-priced and order the three-course menu with half-baked chocolate cake!


Favorite Destinations London, Hong Kong, Paris, Mexico City and More

Luxury Hotels I can book you in with VIP amenities that you may not have access to on your own

Talk to Me if You’re Considering One of These Hotels
Luxury hotels with VIP amenities

If you are considering staying in any of these hotels, send me your dates and I can check to see what amenities and special promotions are on offer.

As an Independent Consultant with Worldview Travel, a luxury travel agency, I have access to many hotel VIP programs worldwide (including in San Diego, too).

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