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Pairing Halloween Candy With Wine, Part 3

BY La Jolla Mom

It may be Halloween, but let’s face it–the candy lingers far longer than the holiday. Plus, pairing Halloween candy with wine is just a downright fun topic. Without further ado, I present the 2013 suggestions.

Drink for Charity: ONEHOPE Wine

I nabbed Lauren Breuning, ONEHOPE Wine Digital Marketing Manager, via DM on Twitter. You’ve probably seen or heard of ONEHOPE Wine by now, because they donate 50% of profits to charity. Each bottle has a different mission, from Autism to Breast Cancer and more.

One Hope Wine
Photos courtesy of ONEHOPE Wine

ONEHOPE Wine is available at most grocery stores so grab a bottle as you’re reaching for last-minute candy. Here is what Lauren has to say:

ONEHOPE Sparkling Brut paired with a Kit Kat bar bubbles and crunches for a mouthful of spark. The delicate stone fruit flavors from this bubbly provide a nice contrast to the rich chocolate and nutty candy wafer with an equally crisp finish. And best of all, every bottle of this California Sparkling connects 10 meals to hungry kids in America.”

If bubbly isn’t your thing, here are a few of her other ideas and, yes, ONEHOPE Wine offers these varietals:

  • Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup: Zinfandel or Chardonnay
  • Candy Corn: Chardonnay (the butter and then muscat will partner nicely)
  • Kit Kat: Sparkling Brut (crunchy and bubbly)
  • Skittles: Sparkling Brut (sweet on sweet flavors)
  • Hershey’s Chocolate: Zinfandel (jamminess and raspberry undertones)
  • Snickers: Sparkling Brut
  • M&Ms: Merlot
  • Chocolate Covered Cherries: Merlot (not so Halloween, but just FYI!)

A Fabulous Splurge: Silver Oak Cellars

I had the awesome privilege of meeting Kim Caffrey, the Geyserville (Sonoma) tasting room manager for Silver Oak Cellars, last week at a Wine Road Northern Sonoma County event. Yes, we sipped and savored delicious Silver Oak (be jealous). Should you consider a special occasion wine during the week of Halloween, reach for Silver Oak which is available at Wine Time, BevMo and many other retailers around San Diego (and elsewhere).

Silver Oak Wines
Photo courtesy of Silver Oak

Here is what Kim has to say about Halloween candy and wine:

Most candy/chocolate is too sweet to pair with wine. A general ”˜rule’ for wine and food pairing is that the food should never be sweeter than the wine. Sweetness in food lessens the fruit character, in other words makes it sour/less fruity. Chocolate in particular often overpowers the delicate subtleties of wine.

All that aside, I did take one for the team and tasted our 2008 Alexander Valley Cabernet with a handful of candies from the bite size candy bowl in our office. Current offerings are Milky Way (both regular and Midnight), Snickers, Three Musketeers, Almond Joy, and various Lindt truffles. The winner? Da-da-da-da! Lindt Lindor (dark) truffle. Though it did still slightly lessen the luscious fruit forward boysenberry characters as well as mouthfeel a tad, there was still enough fruit left to suffer through it!

We are headed up to Sonoma for a long overdue visit and will definitely be stopping at Silver Oak Cellars. Kim is incredibly fun to talk to and gave me a ton of excellent recommendations for my visit. I know you’ll love her too (not to mention the incredible Silver Oak wine) so stop by Silver Oak in Sonoma or Napa Valley.

Duke It Out: Wine Battles

Wine Battles is a new social wine experience where everyday connoisseurs and budding oenophiles expand their palates and knowledge, as well as interact with winemakers. It’s tournament-style, so there are brackets a la March Madness and there can only be one winner. Battlers receive two bottles of naturally contrasting boutique wine each week along with educational material to improve wine tasting skills and understand his or her individual palate. Drink and learn about each wine, vote for a  favorite and then see who the winner is. Repeat for 3 or 7 fun-filled weeks. It’s a community experience.

Pictured below is a Wine Battles holiday gift package, should you need a unique, really fun gift idea.

Wine Battles
Photo courtesy of Wine Battles

The winner of the first battle was the 2009 Truchard Pinot Noir. My friends at Wine Battles say that it pairs well with pumpkin pie (I know it’s not candy, but it’s important intelligence), which means I should be drinking it with the Gooey Pumpkin Cake recipe I just posted.

Also, the Marilyn Remark GSP Monterey featured in the Push Your Palate battle starting on November 12, pairs well with candy apples. How good does a proper candy apple sound right now? This Grenache has dazzling notes of red fruit, then slowly exposes black cherry and a fascinating hint of caramel apple–hence the pairing.

Regardless of which wine you’re pairing with the candy stash, have a happy and safe Halloween!!!

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