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Pairing Halloween Candy With Wine

BY La Jolla Mom

I am positive that I will be drinking wine and eating candy all weekend. Therefore, I thought I would ask the esteemed members of the San Diego Wine Mafia a very important question:  What is the ideal Halloween candy and wine pairing?

Wine Harlots:  “Try RedTree’s Pinot Noir with red licorice.  It’s a playful, fun fruit forward wine with gobs of red berries with the tang of rhubarb.  The price won’t spook you, it’s available at Cardiff Seaside Market for $7 USD.”

Beau’s Barrel Room:  “Ice Wine and Twix.” (He’s very serious about this.)

Cuvee Corner: “Milky Way Dark and a 20-year-old Tawny Port would be my choice.”

Europa KK:  “Hershey’s Special Dark and Syrah.”

Brain Wines:  “Reese’s cups… dry Riesling. Candy corn… (if you must)…. Torrontes. Kit Kats ….. Malbec. Milky Way… Pinot Noir.  $100,000 bar…. what else?, Grand Cru Bordeaux.”

Me:  Because I find Brain Wine’s aversion to candy corn so entertaining:

I wanted to go with Chardonnay and candy corn, as someone recommended online.  I tried it, and it’s not good.  I tried Chardonnay with chocolate candy corn and M&Ms.  Terrible.  So, I opened up a nice Syrah and ate the rest of the M&Ms.  Delicious.

I would say a Syrah or Zinfandel would be great if you’re going to attack you’re kid’s stash and eat a pile of random candy.  Do you have a favorite candy and wine pairing?  Please share.

*Photo credit: Flickr, jamalfanaian

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