The holiday season is here. It’s hectic, stressful, fun and indulgent all wrapped into one. I’ve put together some tips for staying #HolidayReady, in partnership with Peet’s Coffee who will help you stay fueled during this busy season and beyond.

Write Out a Master To-Do List

Write out a holiday to do list

While the holidays may seem like old hat, writing out a to-do list will help keep you organized and mentally prepared for what lies ahead. (You’ll want to add several of the below tips to it as well.)

Keep Extra Gifts On Hand

We keep a few extra, moderately-priced gifts for kids and adults at-the-ready, just in case. This avoids needing to dash to the likely-crowded mall or store unnecessarily for a last-minute gift. Hang on to the receipts if it’s something that can be returnable if it goes unused.

For adults, it can be something as generic as a bottle of wine or nice gourmet chocolates. For kids, it depends on the age, but we keep generally something that my daughter would like.

Buy Extra Tape and Gift Wrapping Supplies – NOW

Running out of gift wrapping tape is the worst. Now is the time to pick up ample supplies of tape, ribbon, and wrapping paper when it can be ordered online in bulk for less than an impulse buy at the store. (One natural Christmas decoration idea is to use plants as gift wrap garnishes.)

Wrap as You Go

Manage holiday stress: Wrap gifts in advance

The truly organized swear that wrapping presents as they’re purchased saves sanity versus letting the wrapping tasks pile up. Another benefit wrapping as you go is that you’ll have more under the tree to gaze at. This has always been difficult for me but I’m determined to give it a go this season.

Stay Fueled

Eat breakfast and keep healthy snacks at the ready. Feeling hungry during the festive season leaves ample room for indulging on sweets and treats that we might feel guilty about later.

Treat yourself to a good cup of coffee (or two). Peet’s now has espresso capsules that are designed to be used with the Nespresso Original machines. You can find Peet’s Espresso capsules at Target, Amazon, and

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Skip Baking

Relieve holiday stress by skipping some or all of the baking. Baking, while rewarding, takes time that many of us don’t have. Scope out what local delis, bakeries, and grocery store have on offer for the holidays to pre-order or pick-up on a whim.

Purge the Pantry

Before the holiday season kicks in full-throttle, take an hour to completely purge the pantry and refrigerator from expired food and other items that you aren’t planning to eat. The goal here is to both create space for holiday food prep but also give you an opportunity to eyeball inventory so that you aren’t running out of vanilla at the last minute. Or, coffee. Don’t run out of coffee, especially during the holidays, for both yourself and visiting guests.


Exercise feels like a chore at times during the holiday season but there’s nothing more rewarding. Not only does it provide a little extra room for indulgence, but you’ll feel great afterward.

Say No

A major mistake that most of us make is striving to do more than we realistically can. Decline tasks and invitations that you can’t manage well. It’s okay to say no. If that’s hard for you (as it is for me), ask for help.

Have Fun

While the holidays are a time of year to think about others, if you’re not enjoying them, think about what you can do every so often to carve out a little me time whether it’s a walk or a few extra minutes of downtime. It’s your holiday, too!

Tips for managing holiday stress

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How do you prepare for the holidays?

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Peet's Coffee now has espresso capsules that work in Nespresso Original machines to help you stay fueled over the holiday season.

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