In partnership with PETCO. Long story short, my rescued dog eats three meals per day. I had every intention of feeding him the recommended amount of dog food in only the morning and the evening. My husband’s inability to handle these sad eyes staring him down at mid-day means that he now eats lunch, too.

We settled on Greenies as a good lunch option because he likes them, and they are supposed to help keep his teeth clean. But, it’s the worst thing ever when I forget to buy more and have to scrounge around for a suitable replacement.

Enter Petco Repeat Delivery service. I order two boxes of Greenies per month plus a little bag of treats for training (we’re working on doorbell issues) to reach the $49 free shipping option. This way, we’ll always have some on hand, and everyone stays happy. I like this service in particular versus the competition because I also earn Petco Rewards for my orders.

petco repeat delivery

Plus, Petco carries a weight management version of his Greenies, which he totally needs. Those little tummy rolls have to go (as cute as they are).

To order, all I did was log on to and choose his treats from a selection of treats, pet food, and more items that are available for Repeat Delivery. I can choose the frequency of delivery and change it around as needed. I can also pause delivery when I travel. Orders are delivered via regular shipping within about a week.

The Repeat Delivery price of available goods is up to 20% lower than what Petco normally offers, so you have an even further incentive to save.

It is easy to sign up for Petco repeat delivery service.

My advice is to check out the service to see how it can add convenience to your busy life.

Please share with us how you think Repeat Delivery will benefit your busy schedule and what you’re most likely to order!

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  1. Do you know if they deliver to right to your door, even at an apartment complex? I am looking for an added convenience because I live on the third floor of the building, with no elevator. It is difficult to carry heavy cat food and litter every few weeks or so. I was looking into Amazon pantry but it didn’t seem to fit this need. Then I saw Petco repeat delivery, but I can only see a minimal amount of information as to how it works on their website. Thanks.

    1. I do not know actually but it is a great question. I would ask them. I often find it easier to contact social media teams for these kinds of answers if you are on Twitter or even Facebook.