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Playdate Kids Crafts: DIY Holiday Ornaments (And Fancier Versions Via Pinterest)

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Sometimes, it’s not at all about the outcome, but rather keeping the kids busy and happy. Having a kids craft at the ready, for the times when they’re about to meltdown or hit a wall, helps reset the mood.  Most recently, DIY holiday ornaments have done the trick. I’ll show you what we did and share awesome pins I found on Pinterest, should you feel like going all out.

What You Need For DIY Ornaments

Basically, just a trip to Michael’s will do. Here are our leftover supplies, to give you an idea.

DIY Kids Crafts Holiday Christmas OrnamentsI headed over there with my new American Express Bluebird Card and bought the following with just one easy swipe.

  • Clear ornaments:  Glass ones are on sale right now for 50% off, however, you can find acrylic or plastic glass ornaments on Amazon.
  • Paint:  Martha Stewart’s glitter paint was set out near the clear ornaments so that’s what we used. It’s pretty easy for the kids to
  • Stickers:  Reflections makes stickers that come in a roll so they could make lines of gingerbread men or break the gingerbread men apart, if they wanted to. The Reflections sequins are a bit tricky.
  • Fake snow to put inside, if they like.

Next, I grabbed a styrofoam block that came in some packaging and a chopstick. We stuck the chopstick into the styrofoam, placed the ornament on top, and let the kids decorate away.

DIY Holiday OrnamentsThe chopstick trick made life much easier with glitter paint involved.

DIY Christmas ornamentsWe left them like this to dry overnight. Manage expectations by letting the guest child know you’ll deliver the goods later. The only way I know to get paint to dry faster is with a hair dryer on the lowest setting–please share tips if you have a better method!

DIY Ornaments Kids Crafts

DIY Ornament Tutorials On Pinterest

If you dare glitter, try making designs using Mod Podge. These are SO CUTE.
Source: via Plaid Crafts on Pinterest

Have extra buttons on hand? This is year-round cute.
Source: via Alison on Pinterest

How about a marbeled ornament with matching nails to boot?
Source: via Mackenzie on Pinterest

Cute filler options.
Source: via Carrie on Pinterest

I am testing the American Express Bluebird pre-paid card to see how it integrates into my daily life. I can see a benefit to having a cash limit on the card. It just might keep you from going overboard at Michael’s and other stores!

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