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Take Your Entire Family To A Famous Destination Spa. Stay A While.

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Rancho La Puerta Spa

Can you imagine spending an entire week in the above oasis? You take part in yoga, spa and cooking classes while your spouse hikes and the kids are entertained? Everyone gets what they want. It sounds too good to be true, except that it’s not. For two weeks in August, kids ages 7-17 are welcome at the world-renowned Rancho La Puerta destination spa and resort during Family Weeks. Now, there is no reason to delay a trip of a lifetime.

Rancho La Puerta opened its doors in 1940 as the world’s first destination fitness resort and spa. Located in Tecate, Baja California, it’s tucked away from the hustle and bustle of daily life allowing guests to truly unplug (should you like), reflect, and rejuvenate. This luxury resort, popular with celebrities and VIPs, is just an hour away from San Diego by car, making it a very easy trip for locals.

What’s In It For The Kids?

Rancho La Puerta Family Week

We all know how to spa and relax at a world-class property, but while parents are in bliss, what are the kids doing? The answer is plenty.

Summer camp-style activities and other learning projects will be on offer throughout the week, led by a creative and energetic staff. Family travel is definitely on the rise, and Rancho La Puerta wants to cater families who would like to spend a special week together. Activities include kids-only cooking classes, martial arts, storytelling, art and more. You can check class descriptions and schedules for Family Weeks (August 4 and August 11) and even join the kids whenever you wish.

Famous For The Food

I’m sure you’ve heard about the food. There’s an organic farm on the 3000 acre property and the chefs over the years have created a menu low in fat, refined sugar, refined flour and sodium that’s also high in fiber and complex carbohydrates. It’s all mouth-wateringly presented.

Rancho La Puerta Food

Family Weeks Details

Family Weeks are offered during the weeks of August 4 and August 11. Reservation details are online. Most of the accommodations are little small houses called casitas, which are perfect for families. Just imagine, you could be lounging here:

Rancho La Puerta Pool

Personal Note

I do know many people who have traveled to Rancho La Puerta from all over the USA. All have loved it and some even declared their visit a life-changing experience. I can only imagine how great you feel after a week of healthy living that doesn’t feel like a sacrifice. I also am impressed by their green initiatives and community support.

I’m going at the end of July for a few days and will certainly report back! Rancho La Puerta has been on my bucket list for quite a while. Have you been?

*Photo credits:  Rancho La Puerta

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7 thoughts on “Take Your Entire Family To A Famous Destination Spa. Stay A While.

  1. Are you at all nervous about driving into Baja? Ever since the government stopped letting our troops stationed in San Diego cross the border, I have been avoiding trips in that region of Mexico. The resort sounds awesome but safety is always a concern for me.

  2. I go down there twice a week to help them with their social media and blogging. I haven’t had any problems at all. The driver always meets me on the U.S. side and walks me across to get my visa. It’s a really easy process actually and it’s only a 10 minute ride to the ranch from the border. I was a little nervous the first time, but now I don’t even think about it. Everyone is super nice and Tecate is a little town, nothing like Tijuana.

    1. How fun, Kate! I just came back and agree–I never felt the slightest bit unsafe. The experience was amazing and I’ll be back again as soon as I can swing it. Plus, it took 90 minutes door-to-door from La Jolla.

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