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Reuben H. Fleet “Young Scientists” Program For Preschoolers

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La Jolla Girl loves the Fleet as I mentioned in my last Reuben H. Fleet post. She loves all of the hands on exhibits and Kid City. This photo is of a tube where you pull balls in it and they fly up and out. We spent a lot of time playing with it (no, that’s not us in the photo). 🙂

The Reuben H Fleet has a new hands-on program called “Young Scientists” starting at the Fleet on September 16th. It’s a special 4-week series taught by the Fleet’s Early Childhood Educators for preschool age children and their parent or guardian.

Along with their parent or guardian, children ages 3 – 5 will explore the scientific wonders of the world. Each 4-week series is held on Wednesday mornings from 9:00 a.m. – 10:30 a.m. and includes access to the Fleet’s one-hundred plus hands-on exhibits before they open to the public. From outer space to kitchen chemistry, preschoolers will learn about science through questioning, investigations and experimentation. Session 1 starts September 16th. Registration is $80.00 per session for non-members and $70.00 per session for members.

Session 1:
Week 1 (9/16/09): Pendulums/Simple Machines
Week 2 (9/23/09): Magnets and More
Week 3 (9/30/09): Motion Mania
Week 4 (10/7/09): Engineering

Session 2:
Week 1 (10/14/09): Light and Shadows
Week 2 (10/21/09): Color Magic
Week 3 (10/28/09): Sound
Week 4 (11/4/09): Air

Session 3:
Week 1 (11/11/09): Water, Water Everywhere
Week 2 (11/18/09): Buoyancy
Week 3 (12/2/09): Bubbles
Week 4 (12/9/09): Kitchen Chemistry

Session 4:
Week 1 (1/6/10): Gravity
Week 2 (1/13/10): Outer Space
Week 3 (1/20/10): Energy/Sun
Week 4 (1/27/10): Geology

Session 5:
Week 1 (2/3/10): Weights and Measurements
Week 2 (2/10/10): Magnification
Week 3 (2/17/10): Kitchen Chemistry II
Week 4 (2/24/10): Senses

For more information, visit: .  I’ll enroll La Jolla Girl when she’s old enough!

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