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Review: Terra’s Kitchen Farm-to-Table Meal Delivery

BY La Jolla Mom

The market for subscription meal delivery service in our neighborhood is enormous. We moms even talk about at school pick-up and social events. Families are busy and breaking from cooking a few nights a week is welcome respite.

Plus, some families have broadened their kids’ palates in a very genius way. Kids who love to cook are assembling the pre-portioned and pre-chopped ingredients themselves. And, because they’re invested in the process, they’re eating flavors they may not otherwise try.

So, I thought the first week of school would be an excellent time to review Terra’s Kitchen since we’d be busy attempting a new routine and would have just landed home from Grand Cayman.

How Terra’s Kitchen Works

I browsed the available recipes and chose:

  • Spicy Honey Lime Chicken + Edamame Rice
  • Roasted Brown Sugar Salmon with Orange Jicama Salad
  • Vegetable Fried Rice
  • Grilled Skirt Steak with Shaved Brussels Sprouts Salad

Each recipe is for two people and there are 30 to choose from each week. Be sure to order 2 portions if you need to serve three or four people.

I liked that the recipe instructions included necessary equipment from your kitchen and ingredients from your pantry. This means you can see how much prep and cooking time is necessary before you commit to a dish.

A climate-controlled vessel about the size of a dorm fridge arrived on my selected delivery date. My daughter and I were in Grand Cayman so my husband unpacked it. It had shelves and cold packs to keep the food organized and cool.

Each ingredient is individually packed, down to small things like chopped ginger which makes assembly surprisingly easy peasy.

Below is what the vessel really looks like. One business day after delivery, FedEx came to collect the vessel at no charge (there is also no charge for shipping either). I love this packaging is reusable.

Speaking of my husband, let’s talk about how skeptical he was of this whole project. He could not wrap his head around why people subscribe to meal delivery services. He doubted whether the convenience and quality would justify the cost of not selecting, purchasing and prepping everything yourself.

He’s a convert. And, the main reason is the quality of the ingredients. When you take a bite of skirt steak or salmon, you can tell it’s quality stuff.

Assembling Meals is Easy

Each beautifully printed recipe card states how much time it will take to make the recipe from start to finish. These estimates were right on in our experience. This salmon with jicama salad took 15 low-stress minutes.

terras kitchen review-4

I discovered through this dish that my daughter actually likes raw fennel. I never, ever would have thought to add fennel to our salads.

I made the honey lime chicken with edamame rice for lunch actually on a day my husband and I were both home.

See why Terra's Kitchen is the meal delivery service you should subscribe to.

My daughter’s favorite was the vegetable fried rice with bok choy, scallions, carrots and onions. She took the leftovers in her school lunch for two days after that… another bonus!

Vegetable fried rice from Terra's Kitchen meal delivery.

My favorite was BY FAR the skirt steak with shaved brussels sprouts. It was so good, with such high quality meat that my family devoured most of it before I could take a decent photo. The steak sits on top of a bed of raw brussels sprouts salad with a light lemon dressing. It was absolutely delicious.

Skirt steak with Brussels sprouts from Terra's Kitchen meal delivery service.

Good to Know

You will occasionally need to chop a few things. But, it’s typically a coarse chop and only probably because if they pre-chopped it, the vegetables (like bok choy) will spoil.

If you forget to leave the vessel on your doorstep the next business day, Terra’s Kitchen will automatically reschedule a pick-up for the following day.

Out of the four meals, only one was not quite as pictured. For our salmon dish, we received big chunks of jicama instead of small slivers and the almonds were whole instead of sliced. Did this affect taste? Maybe a little but it was still delicious.

Like with any other recipe, pay attention to the meat. If it says six minutes and you have a fast oven (like I do), plan for less.

Though you will have to order four portions for a family of three, we were able to leverage the excess into school lunches or leftover dinners.

Price ranges from $9.99  – $17.99 per person and the minimum order is $63.49 per vessel. I pay less than this if I prepare and cook meals myself. However, I still thought Terra’s Kitchen was good value for the convenience of quick, healthy and delicious meals that can be prepared in 15-30 minutes max.

A new gourmet supermarket opened up down the street from us. They have a fantastic hot bar, raw bar, cold deli and all sorts of prepared food we could get to go. If I add up what we normally spend there, it’s not far off from Terra’s Kitchen. And with Terra’s Kitchen, the meals are less heavy and with bigger portions.

I would order again. Not for every night, but probably 1-2 times per week. Terra’s Kitchen is flexible so you can order at leisure, skipping weeks if you need to.

Save $30 on Your First Terra’s Kitchen Order

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I hope that you like it as much as we do!

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Terra’s Kitchen. The opinions and text are all mine.

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