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Ritual Cleanse Review: Easy, Organic and Earth-Friendly Juice

BY La Jolla Mom

After a summer of hotels and eating out, I was feeling “bleh.” Having completed a successful juice cleanse earlier in the year, I was craving another. I wanted to try a Ritual Cleanse 3-Day Classic Reset this time around to see what the fuss is about. Ritual Cleanse is very popular in Southern California, because they’re based here and use 100% organic, raw ingredients.

Ritual Cleanse: Day 1

The cleanse arrived the morning of my start date. I LOVE that it was packed in a reusable cooler bag versus cardboard. If I was on the go, though the bag is a little big for just one juice, I kept my juice and an ice pack in it. The juices are delicious (seriously) and bottles are 100% biodegradable.

This day was easy, but I intentionally kept myself VERY busy. Unfortunately, I had a brunch with other preschool moms to attend, though I was surprised that my drooling over the delicious food was kept totally in check. With the prior cleanse, late afternoons were hard and I had to eat a permitted (it was OK’d on the cheat sheet) slice of avocado for a pick me up. However, on this day I didn’t need it. I also did not miss the evening glass of wine.

Ritual Cleanse: Day 2

Ritual Cleanse Detox Diet Shred

I ordered the Shred component (totally unique to Ritual Cleanse). Shred is two juices, one you drink prior to your workout (beets give you energy) and the other (yummy almond cinnamon milk) afterward. I had intended to go to bootcamp, which is hard on a normal day, but I totally chickened out. Instead, I ran at the gym and then did a major amount of yard work.

My energy level was pretty good and later in the evening, I almost forgot to drink the last juice. The last juice, cashew milk, is my favorite and I would drink it outside a cleanse.

Ritual Cleanse: Day 3

In the spring, I stopped a juice cleanse after 2 days due to scheduling. It did not yield nearly the same results as completing the third day. On day 3, our house was in high spirits as we had agreed to adopt our dog, Scooby, and he was arriving in two days. We were busy getting the house ready and making multiple trips to the pet store. I will say that for dinner my husband BBQ’d steaks (the accompanying onions and blue cheese didn’t help either). This was rough, but I survived. The other wing of the family has to eat, after all. I ate a slice of avocado to console myself.

Post Cleanse

I feel like that was a boring recap, but the juice cleanse really didn’t disrupt my normal schedule like I thought it would. You are supposed to transition slowly back to eating normal food. I ate fruit for breakfast, a salad for lunch and then picked here and there at the offerings at a party that evening. I felt great, but what also happens is that I don’t crave junk for a while and eat more healthfully. I’m sure I’ll fall off the wagon around Christmas, but I can live with that. You start each morning of the cleanse by drinking lemon water, and it’s probably a good idea to continue that after the cleanse.

Promo Code

The bottom line is that if I can do a juice cleanse, so can you. I do not diet and get so cranky when I’m hungry that my husband used to carry little snacks in his pockets when we traveled. My advice is to keep yourself busy so you’re not on your laptop in your kitchen staring at the refrigerator, and see the light at the end of the tunnel. Three days goes by quickly. If you’d like to order Ritual Cleanse, here is a rare discount code

Use promo code LJMreaders to receive 10% off orders placed through October 16th

If (when) I’m feeling “bleh” after the holidays, I’ll be ordering again. It’s a great way to reset your mind and body back into a healthy regimen. Oh, and I lost 3 lbs around my waist too.

Have you done a juice cleanse? How has it worked for you?

*Ritual Cleanse provided my 3-day Reset Cleanse and Shred for review.

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