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Travel Smarter to Major Cities with the RueBaRue App

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I’m all about both traveling well and smarter so would like to share a new app called RueBaRue that will make your next vacation to a major city much easier.

As someone who is constantly battling storage space on my iPhone, I keep apps to a minimum. In a majority of cases, the ones I’m asked to test for review purposes don’t make it on to the blog. This is one I’ll actually use.

Why? RueBaRue cuts down the amount of time it takes to plan a trip and also provides a number of conveniences while touring. It’s free to download.

RueBaRue Destinations

Right now, RueBaRue focuses on 17 major cities including New York City, Barcelona, Paris, Singapore and Washington DC with more to come. I chose Los Angeles as my city because I know it well and will likely be going again soon.

Choose a major city destination on the RueBaRue travel app.

Once a city is selected, you have a choice of using one of their starter travel guides or planning a trip from scratch.

RueBaRue Starter Guides

Starter Guides are perfect for first-time visitors.

My favorite part is that you can choose the pace of touring. Since I’m usually in Los Angeles with my daughter—and, frankly, we’re half-day tourists in order to enjoy our lovely hotels—a slow pace is best for us. Speaking of which, our luxury hotels of choice in the area are Four Seasons Hotel Los Angeles (pictured below) or the Beverly Wilshire.

Use the RuebaRue app to travel smarter on your next city vacation.

The Starter Guide fills in each day with a potential itinerary based on your preferences.

A starter guide from the RueBaRue travel app.

Next, it’s possible to add or delete attractions, increase or decrease the amount of time you’d like to spend at each place and get details regarding what to see while there, directions and the like.

RueBaRue tells you how long it should take to travel between points of interest. This allows travelers to realistically look at an itinerary and REALLY decide if it’s doable.

Trip Planning from Scratch

Start by choosing a city and then scroll through top attractions. Bookmark the ones you’d like to see. You can then add bookmarks to an itinerary with just a click.

A list of top Los Angeles attractions

This is my preferred mode and it actually doesn’t take long at all to whip up a multi-day itinerary, rearrange it to your preferences, input a few restaurants you’d like to try, shopping spots (hello, Robertson Boulevard and Rodeo Drives) as well as your hotel, as I did here.

Plan a family vacation to Los Angeles

We lunch at American Girl Cafe every time we’re in Los Angeles. It is located in The Grove mall but the app is alerting me that I might not have enough time to get there, which is actually true if I happen to get stuck in J.Crew until exactly 12 p.m. Then I would be a few minutes late to our lunch (been there).

Speaking of restaurants, while not currently available in the app, I’m told that top restaurant recommendations in all cities will be live on the app in a matter of weeks. For now, I just plug in my favorites with the “+” button.

We absolutely love the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, its gardens and the La Brea Tarpits next door.

Visiting LACMA with kids

Info on the Go

You don’t need to be online to access your trip itinerary which is fantastic when overseas especially. You can also tap a point of interest to pop up these handy details.

Four Seasons Los Angeles location and phone number

With the app offline, it will still pop up the phone number to a point of interest should you need to change a reservation or ask for other assistance. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve wasted data Googling a hotel’s phone number, for example.

Points of interest are tied to the Uber app for convenience so you don’t have to set your location when summoning a driver. Cool, right?

My Wish List

The folks at RueBaRue are constantly working to make the app better. Because we travel so frequently, I would love to view all of my city trip itineraries in one spot, versus having to click on each in order city to access what I’ve planned there.

Download RueBaRue

Find RueBaRue in the App Store. Download it and let us know what you think as the developers are keen for feedback.

*I was compensated for my time by RueBaRue to review the app. All opinions, per usual, are my own. I think you’ll like this travel app!

The RueBaRue travel app allows users to quickly put together realistic itineraries in major cities, like Los Angeles/Beverly Hills.
Shopping on Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills, as planned on RueBaBue travel app.
The Griffith Observatory in Los Angeles, a stop planned on the RueBaRue travel app.

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