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Holiday Shopping With A Twist: Convert Old Into New (To You) At Kids Resale Stores

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With Cyber Monday and other holiday sales around the corner, remember that online and the shopping mall aren’t the only places to find bargains. I would highly encourage you to visit San Diego’s (or wherever you are) children’s resale shops, where you can convert your child’s outgrown clothing, gear or toys into new holiday clothes or perhaps a gift. This was another fun project to research for NBC San Diego’s California Nonstop. I visited three stores in different parts of San Diego county. I’d like to tell you how to sell your outgrown kids items and about some of the great finds in each store, if you’re just shopping. Remember, inventory changes quickly so these same items might be gone already.

Consignment Versus Resale

Quickly, there’s a big difference between consignment and resale. Consignment is when the seller maintains ownership of an item until it sells. Resale is where you receive store credit or cash on the spot (or pretty close to it) for your items.

If You’d Like To Sell

I would recommend that you call the store you plan on selling to in order to find out if they are accepting items like the ones you have. If the store is full of baby carriers, for example, they might not be buying more. The owners typically do the buying and have an eye for what sells in their particular stores and what doesn’t. Each store has a different way of handling the buying process and a different percentage of cash or store credit paid. Please visit their websites to be clear or call. Also, make sure your items are clean with all pieces are in tact. No one wants to buy a puzzle that’s missing pieces!

Quite a few items I noticed were new with the tags still on. No need to have quite so much guilt if you forget about that dress in the back of the closet and now it’s too small.

La Costa Kids

I visited on a buying day, where promptly at 10am there were moms lined up waiting to sell outgrown gear and clothing. In the store, there’s a nice selection of children’s clothing ranging from holiday dresses, dance shoes, soccer cleats, pajamas, to ski clothes. The inside of the store is pictured above.

La Costa Kids is an authorized dealer of new B.O.B. strollers and Ergo carriers (most of these resale stores carry new items of some sort). Also brilliant is their selection of designer maternity jeans. Why pay a bundle for those if you don’t have to? In the dance section (the tutus are new), I saw the same Capezio tap shoes that La Jolla Girl has in like new condition for $5. I believe I paid $30+ for hers. Here are some of the adorable outfits from La Costa Kids that I showed on NBC. The little boy’s outfit on the left is a Ralph Lauren and Diesel jeans set. The ski outfit is also Ralph Lauren and only $16.

La Costa Kids Outfits
If there was a department store tag on any of the items above, I would have assumed they were new because of the excellent condition they are in. There is so much selection that it would be hard to walk out without purchasing anything. I came out with some Rapunzel fleece pajamas ($2.50) that La Jolla Girl loves. They have locations in San Marcos and Encinitas.

Cory’s Closet

I was particularly impressed with the selection of toys and registry items available at Cory’s Closet. And, I admit, my heart sank when I saw La Jolla Girl’s Disney princess kitchen at a fraction of the price I paid.

Cory's Closet La Mesa
If your little boy (or girl) likes Thomas the Tank Engine, definitely come here. For example, the set with the trains I showed on NBC are in like new condition. The entire set was (I assume it’s been bought by now!) available at Cory’s Closet for the cost of one little train engine at Target. They carry what I thought was a big selection, though they told me there is usually even more Thomas stuff in stock.

If you are looking for breast feeding pillows, sleep sacks and other popular registry items, try Cory’s Closet. You can let them know what you’re looking for and they can call you if they get it in stock. There was also a great selection of ski clothes.

Tula Ru

Tula Ru in Pacific Beach is a little bit different than the two mentioned above.

Tula Ru Pacific Beach
They offer store credit for gently worn designer clothes and shoes. However, the books, toys and other kids items in the store are new. It’s an adorable place that is great for unique gifts or designer clothes without the designer price tag.

I have some nice shoes that La Jolla Girl has barely worn that I intend to take to Tula Ru. Shoes sell quickly here, I’m told. I saw a gorgeous Burberry dress, and tons of Lily Pulitzer dresses. What also caught my eye is the swimwear and rash guards. There was even a few little wetsuits.

Tula Ru Pacific Beach
Those swim trunks are Vilebrequin. Online, they retail for about $120. At Tula Ru, they look new and are $8!

Why Parents Buy Resale

Aside from the fact that it can be an economical way to shop, many parents prefer resale stores versus Ebay or Craigslist. They like that:

  • Someone else has inspected the item for quality.
  • They can touch and feel the item prior to purchasing, unlike buying online.
  • Buying resale versus new is eco-friendly.
  • It’s a great way to support local businesses.

And, here is the segment.

View more videos at:

I hope that highlighting some amazing finds encourages more people to shop or sell resale!

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8 thoughts on “Holiday Shopping With A Twist: Convert Old Into New (To You) At Kids Resale Stores

  1. I purchased many of our son’s baby clothes from consignment and resale stores. Each purchase saved me money and I was able to deck him out in brand name clothes.

  2. I have been shopping at The Baby Exchange in El Cajon for years. They are the largest out of all resale shops in San Diego. The staff is super friendly & knowledgeable and I always find great deals! I find the best stuff because I follow them on Face Book & as soon as they get new stuff in, they post it & Im able to have them hold it & rush in to snatch the deal 🙂

  3. i shop, sell at the baby exchange, baby go round, baby trader, i havent been to cory clothes, only kidding place and others yet
    i like to sell stuffs at baby go round, they give you a good deal and dont rip off you, and they only make $5-10 profit for my items. i bring in a brand name bag, they paid me $15 and they sold for $20.
    i dont like the baby exchange,
    they lie, rip you off on your products. they said to me that they are only can pay me half of what they are selling for but they endend up sell them for very high.
    i have double stroller, look brand new- they gave me $50 and they listed for 149.99
    brand name bag for $7, they listed for 49.99
    shopping cart cover for $6, they listed for 25.99
    they called me after they sold the products and told me they will give me more since they under paid me but they never did.
    i dont like them!

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