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Raise Money for Your Child’s School with Upcycled Clothes

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My daughter is growing like a weed. This morning was not the first time I discovered a nice pair of unworn boots in her closet that are now suddenly too small. Rather than feel crummy about the situation, my nerves are soothed by the fact that I can donate the boots to Schoola as an opportunity to raise money for her school. Here’s how it works.

What Is Schoola?

Schoola is online shop dedicated to recycling brand-name women’s and children’s clothes, footwear and accessories.

Founded by mom and former principal, Stacey Boyd, Schoola turns clothing into opportunities for kids. You can donate your family’s clothes to raise funds for your children’s school. Schoola currently partners with over 16,000 schools nationwide.

Schoola can help you facilitate a school-wide drive. And, this is the perfect time of year to make room for holiday gifts and other new or new-to-you clothing.

How Much Money Can Be Raised?

Schoola donates $2 of every $5 spent to help fund programs at the school of your choice! This extra money can add up.

How to Donate New or Gently-Used Clothing, Shoes & Accessories

Simply request a free donation bag and fill it with clothes that are no longer worn and meet Schoola’s acceptance criteria (basically new or gently-loved). The bag will have its postage already paid so all you have to do is request a pick-up from your home. You will designate the school you wish to support at the time you request a bag

It is truly that simple.

The clothes will arrive to Schoola’s warehouse where they will be cataloged and listed on their website for anyone in the country to purchase.

Shop Schoola for New Clothes

Which brings me to the next point… Schoola is an excellent place to shop for new or gently-loved clothes. To give you an example, those of us who live in Southern California might be planning winter holidays to cold destinations and wary of spending big bucks on cold weather gear. Schoola is a perfect place to scoop up warm coats, boots, and gloves at prices well below retail.

Or, you can buy new-with-tags clothes and raise money for a good cause.

Clothes for sale on Schoola are often new-with-tags brand names at steep discounts.

Brands Give Back Flash Sales

Schoola is also partnering with brands like Tea Collection, ModCloth and Gymboree to raise money for the Malala Fund who supports girls’ education projects in the most vulnerable communities around the world.

If you are unfamiliar, Malala’s story is nothing short of incredible. She was born in Pakistan and became and advocate for education at a young age, a blogger for the BBC as well as a recipient of Pakistan’s First National Youth Peace Prize. She was deliberately shot by the Taliban and survived. The attempt on her life provoked international outrage and sparked 2 million people to sign a petition for the right to education which was put into law in Pakistan shortly thereafter. The Malala Fund was established in 2013 and Malala received a Nobel Peace Prize in 2014. She is just 18 years old.

Proceeds from the flash sales—these brands are donating thousands of new-with-tags items—will go to the Malala Fund.

If you would like to choose the Malala Fund as a beneficiary for your donated clothes, request a special Malala Fund Schoola bag.

Learn More About Schoola

The Bottom Line

The next time you purge the kids’ closets (now is as good of a time as any, right?), request a bag from Schoola to raise money for either your child’s school or the Malala Fund.

Pin it for later:

Clean out your closets and let the unworn clothes raise money for your child's school or the Malala fund through Schoola.

Request your Schoola donation bag. Will you do it?

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