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How to Donate Kids’ Clothes and Earn Cash for Your School #clothes4schools

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It took about seven days for the donation bag from Schoola to arrive which gave us some time to create piles of clothes that don’t fit my daughter anymore. If you send gently-used clothes to Schoola, 40% of the cash generated from the sale of your clothes in their marketplace will be donated to your school!

Most of my daughter’s clothes are from J.Crew and Gap. The skirts from both brands hold up pretty well, but even some shirts, jackets and dresses that she wore quite a bit from J.Crew still have a lot of life left in them. They’ll make great additions to someone else’s closet.

I’ve scheduled the postman to pick the clothes up on Monday. Here’s how it works.

1. Order Your Bag From Schoola

Do it now! If you order a bag through August 18, this simple request through my link will trigger an additional $1 donation to Yick Wo Elementary (a school struggling to save its art program) from Schoola AND your school will also receive the normal $2 of every $5 made from the sale of the clothes in your donation bag.

Visit Schoola to order your donation bag.

2. Gather Clothes While Waiting for the Bag

Schoola is looking for freshly-laundered children and teen clothing in good condition. This means no stains, tears or major fading. The labels also must be in tact in order to command a worthwhile price. Schoola will take shoes without scuffing or smell.

3. Fill the Bag

A postage-paid label is already attached to the bag. In fact, the bag has everything you need to know on it ranging from how to send it off to what they will or won’t take.

4. Schedule a Pick-Up

In our neighborhood, you have to schedule a pick-up for packages that don’t fit in the mailbox. I’m not sure if that’s the preference of our mailman or some sort of rule. It’s pretty easy to do by visiting

5. Schoola Sorts and Sells Your Bag

The school that you would like donations to go toward is selected when you order your bag. Schoola will make sure that proceeds from your bag go to the school of your choice. I’ll update you once I go through the experience personally, but I wanted to post this now in order to remind you to request a bag while the additional $1 donation to Yick Wo Elementary in San Francisco still applies.

These kids need their art program.

shop online with schoola for kids clothes

And, remember, your school also receives 40% of what your bag of clothes sells for as a cash donation. Pretty easy, right?

Shop Schoola at a 20% Discount!

schoola shopping

Shop using code BacktoSchoola20 and you’ll receive 20% off your Schoola order through August 20. As you can see there are a number of major brands at steep discount in their online marketplace.  Visit Schoola now.

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