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Learn Where to #ShopTobaccoFree in San Diego (and Elsewhere)

BY La Jolla Mom

When CVS on La Jolla Boulevard went tobacco-free, it was hard not to notice. Even the Halloween decorations were holding signs announcing the change. At the time, I didn’t realize that there is a nationwide movement to support tobacco-free retailers spearheaded by The Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids. I now am a part of their blogger network. Why?

90% of adult smokers began at or before age 18.

The Campaign believes that the widespread availability of tobacco products sends a terrible message to kids that tobacco use is normal, acceptable and appealing. Their overall mission is to get every retailer to stop selling tobacco products and empower consumers to choose tobacco-free retailers in an effort to keep it away from our kids.

This is by no means is a substitute for parents and role models having potentially tough conversations with kids about the dangers of smoking.

We’re lucky that smoking is no where near as prevalent as it used to be here in Southern California. In fact, spotting someone smoking these days in our neighborhood is so rare that you definitely take notice if they are. But, that’s not the case in the rest of the nation. So, tobacco-free is likely to take more of a concerted effort on the consumer’s part in some places along with an educational component to make a difference.

Every day, more than 2,800 U.S. kids try their first cigarette – that’s more than one million kids who take their first puff each year.


Know Who Your Tobacco-Free Retailers Are

If you feel strongly about shopping tobacco-free retailers, with just a few clicks, it’s easy to find out those in your neighborhood that are tobacco-free. Visit to search your zip code or city.

Find Tobacco-Free Retailers in San Diego

In our case, local tobacco-free retails happen to be places that we already shop. Even so, I think it’s good information to know that the following retailers in or near La Jolla are tobacco free (there are many more  in San Diego not listed here):

  • CVS on La Jolla Blvd
  • CVS on Pearl
  • CVS on Villa La Jolla
  • CVS on Clairemont Drive
  • CVS on Garnet
  • CVS on Mission Blvd
  • Sprouts on Garnet Avenue
  • Sprouts on Governor Drive
  • Trader Joe’s on Garnet Avenue
  • Target on Balboa Avenue
  • Whole Foods on Villa La Jolla

How to Get Involved

If there is a retailer that you wish were tobacco-free but isn’t, and you’d like to get involved with the campaign, you can download the shopper’s toolkit. Inside, you’ll find tweets to share on social media that are as simple as:

I learned where I can #ShopTobaccoFree from @TobaccoFreeKids’ Check it out!

Graphics and other social media assets as well as statistics for your reference are also included. You may also donate money to the campaign, if you like.

Now that you know it’s easy to find out which retailers are tobacco-free, will this change how you shop?

*This post is sponsored by The Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids who also provided the statistics referenced above.

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