The benefits of silk have been known for some 5000 years. Aside from being a beautiful, soft and luxurious product of nature, it is incredibly good for skin. Sleeping in silk pajamas and on silk bedding both help the skin stay hydrated while boosting the quality of sleep but there is a better way. Silk Therapeutics has taken it a step further by developing a way to bottle pure high-quality silk in liquid form for use in luxurious skincare products that lock in moisture, smooth fine lines and protect skin with minimal ingredients.

As someone who travels a lot and struggles with skin that is either too oily or too dry, I am in the process of giving the Silk Therapeutics a go. I don’t test many skincare products, but these are the five reasons why I am very intrigued by the idea of using pure silk skincare.

Learn the benefits of silk-based skincare. I use Silk Therapeutics which has 8 ingredients or less.

1. No Unnecessary Ingredients or Preservatives

Silk is a natural preservative so irritating, toxic and unnecessary ingredients can be omitted. The silk itself is naturally organic and non-GMO sourced and then blended with other potent ingredients.

All Silk Therapeutics products have eight ingredients or less.

The simplicity of the products appeals greatly, too. There isn’t a single ingredient that I can’t pronounce or one with a purpose that I don’t understand. And, once the silk is harvested, the products are made in Boston using sustainable practices and no animal testing.

2. Silk Benefits Skin in Multiple Ways

Silk forms a protective micro-layer on top of the skin that seals in moisture, smooths fine lines and lets in oxygen all while managing to keep out other toxins. My skin is left feeling clean and soft.

3. Silk Protects Other Ingredients

Applying silk to your skin enhances the potential of other ingredients because it forms a protective barrier around them. This means that potent ingredients like vitamin C are delivered more efficiently and effectively to the skin when combined with pure silk.

4. Silk Skincare Is Good For All Ages and Skin Types

Because silk is a part of a healthy skincare regimen, which is important at any age, Silk Therapeutics is appropriate for all ages. The average customer is in the 25-70 age range.

With every purchase, Silk Therapeutics provides an oncology patient with luxury skincare. That is how risk-free the ingredients are. Having a baby? These luxury skincare products are perfect for pregnant women who are looking for non-toxic skincare.

5. Pure Silk Means No Byproducts

Be careful when buying other silk skincare. Ingredients such as hydrolyzed silk, sericin or silk powder are silk waste byproducts or genetically altered proteins that lack the same benefits as pure, natural silk. Silk Therapeutics is the only line today that is made from real, unadulterated, natural silk.

Using Silk Therapeutics in Real Life

Silk Therapeutics offers a number of pure silk luxury skincare products designed to target specific areas of concern ranging from dark spot diminishing films to eye cream to hydrating serums.

I truly believe that you have to use a product for a while in order to determine whether or not it works for you. I’ve been using Silk Therapeutics for about a year now. Here is what I like so far:

  • It soaks into my skin, leaving a matte, non-greasy feel.
  • My pores look smaller.
  • I love that I understand the ingredients.
  • It’s natural.
  • It’s not a skincare regimen, meaning that you can pick and choose the products you like.
  • The price is less than what I was paying for other luxury skincare products.

Silk Therapeutics offers a free shipping and a money back guarantee if you aren’t satisfied. They also have plenty of instruction, along with a skincare assistant, to help you decide which products are most appropriate for your skin type.

If you try Silk Therapeutics, let me know how you like it! 

Silk allows skincare products to be made without harsh chemicals or preservatives. See why else you should try it.
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  1. I could use a healthy skin regimen, like now! It’s amazing what people can do these days. Silk in a bottle for skin. Thanks for sharing. Checking out the trial kit online now.

  2. I am SO INTO anything new skincare-wise, and anti-aging-wise, and silky-wise. Also checking out the trial kit ASAP. Like now. Gotta go.

  3. Did you do the follow up review? I am looking at facial products that are good for the skin and have a 1 on ingredient are nasty list. I would love to hear if you continued with this product or not. Thanks

  4. I’ve been using two of their products for about a month and a half and love it! It has repaired dry red spots in my skin . So far do good and non toxic, who wouldn’t want to try it! Just ordered more today.