In partnership with Silk Therapeutics. If there’s one thing I need after a long haul flight, it’s a bit of skin rejuvenation. If I don’t treat my skin immediately after landing (as I’ve said many times before), I tend to get jet-lagged.

So, I packed enough of my Silk Therapeutics regimen to last three weeks in Europe. I was also looking forward to test driving the Silk Therapeutics Renewing Peel because a skincare product like this is the best way or me to deal with the situation above. Based on past experience with the brand, I knew it would work.

We are incredibly proud to introduce the cleanest, healthiest skincare option for all women that delivers real results and with full transparency.

– Silk Therapeautics

The goal of Silk Therapeutics Renewing Peel is to correct the skin’s natural pH and renew the skin’s surface. Here’s what else you need to know.

Silk Therapeutics Renewing Peel Ingredients

Only these five natural ingredients are necessary to get the job done:

  • Water
  • Silk
  • Glycolic Acid (exfoliant)
  • Lactic Acid (aids water absorption)
  • Lemongrass Essential Oil (a natural preservative)

How to Use the Renewing Peel

A review of Silk Therapeutics Renewing Peel. It rejuvenates skin using only 5 natural ingredients.
How pretty is this bathroom at Mandarin Oriental, Paris?

I scoop about fingertip’s worth (size of a nickel) out of the jar and apply it to a clean face, neck and décolletage. It has the consistency of a soft gel.

Leave on for 10 minutes and remove with warm water. Apply skincare as usual (for me, this means Silk Therapeutics Nurture++ Intense for maximum hydration).

That’s it.

Silk Therapeutics Renewing Peel Results

I used this product for a few months before writing about it. When I got home from Europe, my dog tore his ACL and life got a little crazy. I forgot to use the Renewing Peel for a few weeks. When I turned back to it, I noticed immediate improvement… further proof that it works.

Less Redness

I get splotchy, especially when I’m tired. With this product this is significantly reduced. I try to remember to use it before special occasions.

Finer Lines

Over time, I’ve seen the fine lines in my forehead look a bit less rough.

Even Tone

I picked up some color due to European sunshine so looked a little mottled as it disappeared after our return. This product greatly helped get me back to normal.

Very Good Exfoliation

Everyone needs a good exfoliation and this is one easy way to do it without harsh microbeads or chemicals. In fact, it’s so gentle that you may wonder whether exfoliation is happening. You’ll be convinced after your next makeup application goes on smooth as silk (pardon the pun).

Benefits of Silk-Based Skincare

A review of Silk Therapeutics Renewing Peel. It rejuvenates skin using only 5 natural ingredients.
Purple orchids to match my Silk Therapeutics!

Through Silk Therapeutics, I’ve become a huge advocate of silk-based skincare. It works. I’ve seen the difference in my own skin.

Science has proven that silk is incredibly compatible with human skin which helps it transform skin without harsh chemicals or additives. There are so few ingredients in Silk Therapeutics skincare products that I actually understand the role each one plays in the product.

It is so mild that pregnant women and oncology patients can use it.

Where to Buy

Silk Therapeutics Renewing Peel works and is moderately priced at $70 – $110 depending on size (and with free shipping). You can buy it directly from Silk Therapeutics and easily integrate this pure skincare product into your existing routine.

Silk Therapeutics also provides their clean, luxury skincare to an oncology patient with every purchase.

Another NEW Silk Therapeutics Product

Be sure to have a look at Body Enrich, a brand new anti-aging body lotion from Silk Therapeutics. Its firming qualities sound amazing, too.

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