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Out With The Old, In With A Sleep Number Bed

BY La Jolla Mom

Let me just start by saying that our old guest bed used to be a small source of tension in the house. It was La Jolla Dad’s 15-year-old bed, that had been stored (improperly) for many of the years we lived overseas.

The outside fabric was pretty yucky, in my opinion, and it was starting to sag and become uncomfortable. La Jolla Dad refused to get rid of it on the grounds that this space should become more of an office for him (read: man cave) and so we’ve been battling over the bed for at least a good 3 years now.

Saved By Sleep Number

When the good folks at Sleep Number asked if I wanted to review a Sleep Number p5 bed, I accepted enthusiastically. I can’t begin to tell you how relieved and grateful I still am. When my mom and dad visit, it’s important to me that they have a comfortable place to sleep versus an old bed or a man cave sleep sofa.

What Exactly Is A Sleep Number?

A Sleep Number is a setting between 0-100 that is the ideal combination of mattress comfort, firmness and support for your body. Each person has a different sleep number. Here’s a guide to how you should be sleeping.

I am so “wrong.” I usually have neck pain because I sleep on a propped up pillow due to sinus problems. However, at Sleep Number 30, I can sleep on two propped up pillows, at a slight angle, while still being supported. La Jolla Dad prefers firm beds so his sleep number is much higher.

People need to experiment with their sleep number to find the right one. Our Sleep Number p5 bed has two chambers so each side can have a different Sleep Number. It has an 11 inch European-style pillow top and breathable knit fabric.

How It Works

You can adjust the firmness of the bed via a remote. I knew that part, but somehow I missed the memo about the mattress being filled with air. It sounds cheesy, but it’s not. This is exclusive Sleep Number DualAir technology and you can’t actually tell it’s air when you’re sleeping on it. Not only that, but if you need to adjust the firmness of the bed, it’s just a quiet hum. I’ve read online that people have no trouble assembling the bed themselves, however, ours was assembled for us in a matter of minutes.

Another Really Major Selling Point

Who likes to change a dust ruffle? Not me. I believe the fact that you can lift up the entire mattress with one hand is likely to change lives. For our master bedroom bed, I bought an expensive wooden frame all because I didn’t want to hassle with a dust ruffle.

To be honest, as you can’t store anything under our wooden frame bed and it’s getting a little nicked up from the dog and vacuum, I may have gone the dust ruffle route if we had a sleep number bed. Also, if you are a college student or frequent mover, the weight of this bed is appealing versus a conventional bed.

End Result

Because school is in session and we’ve already been sick on an off, I’ve had a chance to sleep in the bed quite a bit. We’re very happy with it. My mom and dad rave about what a massive improvement it is over the old bed.

La Jolla Dad spends quite a bit of time in that room when we don’t have guests and is totally sold on the bed. He says it’s very comfortable to relax and read books on. So the bed stays and conversion to man cave is delayed indefinitely.

*Sleep Number provided our p5 bed for review. Opinions are my own, as always.

*Photo by istockphoto/simoningate

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3 thoughts on “Out With The Old, In With A Sleep Number Bed

  1. Isn’t the P5 bed life changing? I love mine. It’s nice to know another blogger had a chance to review the same bed. I am in LOVE! No pain whatsoever!

    1. That’s great to hear! Unfortunately, it’s in my guest bedroom (we had just purchased a new CA King for our master) but my husband thinks it’s funny that when I’m sick now I immediately offer to go sleep in there. I also truly believe that the weight of the mattress is a HUGE selling point.

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