In partnership with King Arthur Flour. Before the season of overnight guests, school potlucks, and entertaining jumps into full swing, let me share with you an easy baking solution. In fact, it’s so easy that my daughter made a sour cream bundt coffeecake before she left for school this morning.

A baking mix from King Arthur Flour’s Essential Goodness line enabled her to whip it all together so quickly. In fact, we had time to kill while waiting for our oven to finish preheating.

These mixes are unique in that they taste homemade, but without all of the effort. They’re made with pure, simple and clean ingredients, like real sour cream and premium cinnamon. Hide the box and no one will ever know you didn’t bake this sour cream coffeecake recipe from scratch.

It pays to have a few boxes on hand for last-minute occasions, which I seem to have a lot of these days.

Sour cream coffee cake in bundt form, an Essential Goodness mix by King Arthur Flour.

Bundt cake and I actually broke up a while back. Our relationship was sticky. Maybe it was the pan. In lieu of a square cake pan, my daughter was keen to try a bundt and I nearly fell over when it slid out like magic.

Look at the perfection.

Sour cream coffee cake in bundt form, a King Arthur Flour mix.

I thought it was luck until we made another one. It, too, formed a beautiful shape that looked like something straight out of a bakery. And, these are easy cakes made by a 9-year-old.

How to Make the Sour Cream Coffeecake Mix

We needed two bowls, an electric mixer, a rubber spatula and a measuring cup. One bowl is for the cake mix while another is for the cinnamon crumb topping.

She grabbed two eggs, 3/4 cup of milk and a stick of butter from the fridge.

My daughter read the box and mixed everything together. The cake mix, milk, eggs, and softened butter are beaten together for 90 seconds. The cinnamon crumb topping is mixed with melted butter in another bowl. We layered the topping and mix inside of the bundt pan and baked it for almost 30 minutes. When you make this, monitor the cake as I did need to take it out 5-10 minutes earlier than the box suggested.

A set of King Arthur Essential Goodness Baking Mixes.

We let the pan cool for about 10 minutes and then turned it over on to a plate. The sour cream coffeecake slid out.

Sour cream coffee cake in bundt form, an Essential Goodness mix by King Arthur Flour.

It is best served warm. It’s moist and sweet. I love it. The crumb topping has a strong nutmeg flavor, too.

We like it as directed but King Arthur has a tips and twists section with ideas for how to spruce up the mixes. Check them all out here!

About King Arthur Flour’s Essential Goodness Baking Mixes

A set of King Arthur Essential Goodness Baking Mixes.

Essential Goodness mixes are made with pure, simple ingredients like real lemon, sour cream, and vanilla bean. There are no artificial colors or flavors, hydrogenated oils, preservatives, or corn syrup. All mixes are sourced non-GMO.

For every mix purchased, King Arthur Flour donates the cost of a meal to Feeding America, the nation’s largest organization dedicated to fighting domestic hunger. There is no limit or end date to the campaign, and King Arthur commits to donating a minimum of one million meals in the first year of sales.

King Arthur Flour is a brand name I trust because I’ve been buying their flour for as long as I’ve been baking on my own. Try it. You’ll like it.

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