Kids Recipes

Ladybug tomato cracker after school snacks

An after-school snack recipe for Ladybug crackers with tomatoes, hummus and pita crackers plus other easy grab-and-go O Organics options.

Looking for a healthy Halloween snack for kids? Try these easy spider crackers.

Looking for a healthy Halloween snack for kids? Try easy spider crackers that use Ritz crackers, pretzel sticks, cream cheese or nut butter and dried fruit.

Kids Recipes Whole Wheat Pancakes with Raspberries

This whole wheat apple pancakes recipe makes an awesome breakfast or handheld travel snack for kids.

Your kids can make these easy Thanksgiving turkey cookies.

These little turkey cookies aren’t fancy but young kids will love them.

Mac and Cheese Recipe from St. Jude Childrens Research Hospital Kitchen

Grab the tissue. St. Jude called a sick little boy’s grandma for this delicious recipe, because it was the only thing he craved.

Kids Recipe- Microwave Egg Pizza for Breakfast

Ever thought of microwaving eggs? Me neither, but this recipe is easy to prepare before school.

Egg puzzle healthy breakfast recipe for kids

Microwaving this easy egg puzzle kids recipe saves time and mess. It’s so simple yet my kid loves it.

Grilled Cheese Naan

Put a twist on the usual grilled cheese sandwich by using naan instead of boring bread and a special cheese.

Donut Spider Pops - All you need is a mini crumb donut, pretzels, eyeballs and a popsicle stick for an easy Halloween dessert

To make donut spider pops all you need are mini crumb donuts, pretzel sticks, lollipop sticks and eyeballs.

Kids Recipe: Easy Spider Oreos They Can Make Themselves For Halloween Or Any Day!

Hand your kids the ingredients and let them assemble, because spider oreos are very EASY to make.

four seasons hotel boston with kids bristol lounge

This Breakfast Oatmeal Recipe is shared courtesy of Executive Chef Brooke Vosika of Four Seasons Hotel Boston.

homemade DIY Bubbles Recipe

Always have bubbles on hand with this easy recipe.