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Temecula Valley Wine Country Is A Road Trip Worth Taking

BY La Jolla Mom

Despite being an incredibly easy 1 hour drive away from Temecula Valley Wine Country, I hadn’t been to any wineries out there in several years. I take that back, it had been almost 10. I feel absurd just typing that. I had a great time, intend to go back with more frequency, and drank some excellent wines. Here is what we did.

I arrived at the Temecula Creek Inn to check-in for the night. Because it was overcast and slightly chilly in La Jolla, I packed totally inappropriately for the climate change between here and Temecula Valley. It was straight-hair-loving dry hot in Temecula and I loved it. I met Romy Raves, Chris Voss, Mod Chik and Mana (from the Temecula Convention and Visitor’s Bureau) in the lobby. Rick from A Vineyard Tour picked us up in his awesome van. He is your man for a private tour of the wineries, knows pretty much everything about Temecula, and I’m positive I’ll be calling him again.

That’s Mod Chik, with her bottle of orange champagne from Wiens Family Cellars, and Rick inside the van. It sounds odd, but this champagne reminds me of Sunkist, which I love. Wiens Family Cellars is a beautiful property and if you’re lucky, you might be able to dine in this barrel room.

Rick drove us to a few wineries with scenic spots so that we could take pictures like Europa Village, where I happen to be a member. More on Europa Village in the future.

When I thought of Wilson Creek, only almond champagne came to mind. We sampled a variety of reds that were all delicious, but I think that our host there, Brian, was the main attraction. He’s super charismatic, let us taste port from a barrel and a $100 bottle of wine that I think was a Meritage. The grounds are huge and I saw many families having picnics in the front. I wish I had a better photo of the winery dog (Golden Retriever) we met who was cruising through the tasting room.

Our last visit was to Leonesse Cellars where the views of Temecula Valley are spectacular. Luckily, we got to taste more Leonesse wines and chat with their rep later in the evening at the Temecula Creek Inn.

I’m sure you’re wondering where the wines we tasted are priced. The tastings averaged around $15 for 6 tastes. I would say that most of the wines range between $20-40, with most being in the $30 range. Each winery mentioned above has wines worth purchasing in that range.

About an hour after Rick dropped us back at the Temecula Creek Inn, we indulged in their Wine Maker Wednesday (though it was Sunday, they re-created their Wednesday menu especially for us), which I wrote about last week.

I could do this every weekend!

Special thanks to the following for hosting us:
Temecula Convention and Visitors Bureau
Rick Barry – A Vineyard Tour (Do not call anyone else but Rick, he was amazing)
Temecula Creek Inn

When was the last time you were in Temecula Wine Country and what did you think?

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3 thoughts on “Temecula Valley Wine Country Is A Road Trip Worth Taking

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  2. Just saw you on then news! thanks for the great Temecula article… would love to meet you someday! and learn more about how you started!

    1. Thanks so much for stopping by! I regret I haven’t been to Temecula in a while–need to fix that. I always worry about how editing and all that goes on TV, but it was ok. 🙂

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