Kids Recipe: Crazy Easy Thanksgiving Turkey Cookie Dessert

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Thanksgiving turkey dessert cookies

Seriously, I don’t even need to tell you how to make these Thanksgiving turkey cookies because it’s self-explanatory by looking at the photo, isn’t it?

They aren’t fancy at all and are a great way to use up all that leftover candy corn. Or, maybe you have kids coming over and need a fast dessert.

Basically, get a pack of Golden Double Stuf Oreos (we used this a while back to make Halloween spider cookies) and stuff about six candy corn into the creme. We stuck currants on the cookie with cream cheese, but M&Ms or chocolate chips work. Cut a triangle in a red candy like Fruit by the Foot (there are many healthier versions) and wrap it on a candy corn. Stick that on the cookie.

Voila. Not hard. My 6-year-old thinks it’s cool so maybe yours will, too. And, kids can totally make these on their own.

Crazy Easy Thanksgiving Turkey Cookies


  • Golden Double Stuf Oreos
  • Round candy or dried fruit for eyes
  • Candy corn
  • Red fruit strips


  1. Stick six or so candy corn into the Oreo cream for the tail.
  2. Apply eyes with cream cheese or similar sticky substance.
  3. Cut fruit strip into a long triangle and wrap it around one piece of candy corn.
  4. Stick the candy corn nose on the Oreo.

Done! For more Thanksgiving recipes check out:

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