Get ready to add more jewelry to your little blue box wish list. Tiffany & Co. has updated the iconic Atlas collection and I was invited to preview the jewelry at the Fashion Valley mall store. As someone who owns pieces from the Atlas collection, ranging from crystal bowls to my husband’s money clip, I’m excited about the more delicate look.

History Of The Tiffany & Co. Atlas Collection

Until now, I’d never taken time to think about the name or historic implications of the Atlas collection. The collection is named after Atlas, the Greek god of the heavens who is often seen lifting the globe above his head. He represents the timeless nature of the collection as well as the impact it has around the world. Trust me. Having lived overseas, the luxury brand Tiffany & Co. is just as popular (perhaps even more so) in places like London and Hong Kong as it is in the United States.

Not only do the signature Roman numerals lend immediate recognition to the collection, they add a historic or empirical feel to the pieces. And, if I see a watch, clock, or jewelry item with the signature grooves and alternating matte and polished finish, I know immediately it’s a Tiffany Atlas piece.

The collection began with the Atlas watch in 1983, designed by Tiffany design director emeritus, John Loring. The watch was so unique in design that it was granted a rare U.S. patent. In 1995, more pieces were introduced into the collection including sterling silver and fine jewelry, more watch designs and housewares.

Tiffany Atlas earrings

Preview the New Atlas Collection

I regret not snagging the lariat in the top photo on my way out of the store, but my excuse is that I was totally overwhelmed by choices. Tiffany & Co. has done an excellent job revamping the look of Atlas. Though I love the original Atlas Collection, I wasn’t drawn to the jewelry as much as I am now. Lines are slimmer and more feminine. And, if you prefer a thin bangle or an arm full of them, the new Atlas collection has something for everyone.

The bangles come in a range of golds with diamonds and without diamonds. The bangles I tried on were extremely lightweight, actually, though they don’t look like it. Rose gold is rising in popularity, likely because it compliments a wide variety of skin tones. The 18k rose gold bangle below is hinged with an oval shape, providing more comfort for wrists blessed enough to wear it.

Have no fear, this jewelry can involve plenty of diamonds for those of you searching for bling. Turns out I also need to sharpen my jewelry photography skills, but here’s a glimpse of what I saw.

The bottom line: The Atlas collection can be worn from season to season and with casual or formal wear. Remember, we have two Tiffany & Co. stores in San Diego now: Westfield UTC and Fashion Valley Mall. (Also, I rave to anyone who will listen about my Tiffany & Co. all-purpose wine glasses that I toss in the dishwasher on a daily basis.)

Do you have a favorite Atlas piece (old or new)?

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