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Funny Items Seen While Shopping In Tokyo

BY La Jolla Mom

Good evening from Tokyo. Today, La Jolla Girl and I spent some time in the Hakuhinkan Toy Park in Ginza which is 4 stories of toys and very random gadgets. There’s everything from Japanese erasers, LEGOs, Hello Kitty, infomercial items, to the crazy Japanese gadgets you read about. It’s better than SkyMall. I am half Japanese and always get a kick out of these things.

Here are a few photos I’ll leave you with while we journey home. And, yes, we almost bought the Han Solo ice cube tray above as a souvenir for La Jolla Dad. Then, reality set in.

Because you can manipulate what your breath smells like, down to the very last detail:

Breath Palette Tokyo

Beer is probably better served out of this:

Handy Beer Server

This is German-made, but so far, none spotted around Tokyo. It seems like a practical way to carry around a water bottle, as long as you never sit down:

Water bottle holders

Your sandwich needs clothes, right? To be honest, I would have bought this, except that we bought so many bento items at Tokyu Hands, that I thought I’d already bought it:

Just in case your dog speaks a different language. Or something like that:

And, remember Monchichi’s? Oh so soft and cuddly? They’re everywhere:

Or perhaps a sushi iPhone case? Or one with a nose?

Anyway, more later! For perspective, it’s about 80 yen to 1 USD, at the moment.

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