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Add Designer Pieces To Your Wardrobe Without Spending Money

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Ever scan the options in your closet and despite it being an over-stuffed space full of staple pieces, impulse buys and items you can’t quite stand to part with (even though you should purge them… you really, really should), it feels like you have nothing to wear?

Grab your smart phone, and get ready to add new wardrobe pieces without going to the mall or spending any money. Snap a picture and list unworn items on San Diego-based Tracy’s Closet, a very unique online community that allows members to upload their closets, earn points and shop the closets of other stylish women. It’s a community that, aside from the purchasing aspect, is similar to Pinterest in both look and interaction — members can like and comment on listings. I, personally, love the site’s clean yet whimsical design, that no money changes hands during a transaction, and that high-end designers (like Jimmy Choo) are featured.

Why Tracy’s Closet Is A Better Option

Tracy's Closet Resale Clothing Fashion

Tracy’s Closet makes it possible to use what’s in your closet to fund a new wardrobe. Based entirely on a points system, no money changes hands. This means that there are no buyer fees, seller fees or math calculations to worry about.

For example, take that gently worn cashmere Theory sweater you never wear and sell it for 10000 points. After it’s sold, use the newly-earned 10000 points to purchase a pair of Joe’s Jeans or a Michael Kors handbag (or both, if you’re lucky) from another Tracy’s Closet seller. Shipping is FREE.

Members may also purchase points for cash.

Special Offer For New Members

Here’s an easy way to get started. Join Tracy’s Closet now to earn 500 points. Earn another 100 points for each friend you refer that also becomes a member.

How To Re-Purpose Clothes On Tracy’s Closet

It takes a minute or so to list an item. Remember, it’s also eco-friendly! Here is what you need to do:

1. Sign up for Tracy’s Closet.

2. Download the Tracey’s Closet app to your phone.

3. Take a photo of the item you’d like to purge and list it on Tracy’s Closet with just a few additional details. It’s basically two screens:

Tracy's Closet iphone app

Voila. Points are earned as soon as someone purchases your item.

Finding Your Special Piece

Search by point value, designer, color, size, condition (new or gently-used) or type (shoes, handbags, etc.).

tracys closet screen shot

Things To Know

In order to see inventory, you’ll need to sign up and log in. It’s not like other resale sites where you can shop, see something that you like and then log in.

Inventory is on the rise as the site is newly-launched in beta. As of this writing, I see Jimmy Choo, Anna Sui, Derek Lam and other high-end designers mixed in with the likes of Gap. However, I see the potential for it to become huge marketplace and another daily habit. Have a look and let me know what you think.

Remember, join Tracy’s Closet now to receive a bonus 500 points!

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    1. Oh good! I am pretty psyched to shift items I don’t wear anymore. I find going to a physical consignment store not worth it and the competing sites more trouble than they are worth.

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