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7 Reasons Why Travel Planning Is Easier with Trover – #TroveON

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New social media platforms are released constantly and as someone who struggles with available memory on her iPhone and a general lack of free time online, I take sharing them with readers pretty seriously. So, when I say travelers are going to love the trip planning app and website, Trover, I mean it.

Trover blends everything I love about my other social media platforms and then some.

Trover appeals to those who enjoy:

  • Pinning travel ideas to Pinterest boards
  • Sharing and admiring pretty photos on Instagram
  • The geotagging and tips left on Swarm
  • Seeing locations organized in a Google Maps form
  • Following people on social media that are doing cool things
  • Integrated sharing of photos and tips to Facebook, Tumblr and Twitter

Is that you? I thought so. But, what sets Trover apart is that it’s only about travel. It’s win-win and feels miles less commercial than other social sites. And, there are even more reasons why I like it.

1. Trover Is for Travelers by Travelers

Are you tired of selfies and not knowing where pins are linking out to? Is it hard to find travel ideas in a feed full of home decor and recipes?Trover cuts through the fluff and the spam. All you see are travel photos uploaded by real travelers.

Sure, some photos are better than others, but it’s not all about the photos.

2. Photos Have Useful Tips

Get travel tips on the Trover app

After uploading a photo to Trover and adding the location of where it was taken, there’s a comment box specifically designed for a description of why you like this particular location. How did you beat the crowds? What did you order? What time of day did you go? Look for and share helpful tips here.

3. All Photos Are Geolocated

This also cuts out the fluff because you’re looking at photos from actual places. In addition, below each photo is a gallery of different photos taken by other users doing fun things nearby should you need more inspiration.

4. It’s Easy to Find GOOD Ideas While on the Go

Trover travel planning app

I’m looking forward to testing this feature on my trip to Germany. The Trover app recognizes where in the world you are. Touch the globe at the bottom to search for nearby art, outdoor activities, food and more near where you are standing. Awesome.

I can only imagine how helpful this would be in an unfamiliar city. And, you don’t need to be traveling necessarily to use this feature. Have a hankering for a taco in an unfamiliar part of your hometown? Check out Trover.

5. It’s an App and a Website

And, both happen to be incredibly easy to use. The app is a must-have for the feature mentioned above and ease of uploading photos directly from your phone. The website is nice for those days when you need a mental break from work or perhaps a little motivation to work (in order to fund a bucket-list trip discovered on Trover, of course).

6. Plan and Share Travel Experiences with Lists

Make travel to-do lists on Trover

Collect and organize your own ideas in list form while browsing and following lists of other Trover members. Just returned home from an awesome trip? Share your itinerary in list form for other members to learn from.

7. Your Friends and Favorite Travel Writers Are on It

Upon logging into Trover with a social media platform, you might be surprised by how many of your friends and family are already on it. Not to mention, popular travel writers have caught on to the craze and are uploading their own photos and experiences to Trover.

Any Glitches?

Though it seems to know I’m in La Jolla, sometimes it says the city is called Solana Beach and I can’t figure out how to fix this. It’s up-and-coming so the selection of pictures is diverse but limited in some parts of the world. I suspect this won’t be for long. Minor things, right?

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Try Trover and let me know how you like it! Follow the #TroveOn hashtag for even more inspiration.

*This post is brought to you in partnership with Trover. Opinions are my own, as always.

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  1. Oy. I just don’t want to tackle ANOTHER social media site. But you’ve almost convinced me. Almost. I’m going to pin this to Pinterest and maybe once I figure out my new smart phone, I just may give Trover a try!

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