Flying With Kids

Tips on traveling with kids. Learn how to enjoy your vacation from the start, even with long flights and young children.
How to prevent motion (travel) sickness in kids along with remedies that help when it strikes.

Despite living a jet set lifestyle, my daughter started getting air sick when she was 4 years old. Here’s how I curb it.

Cathay Pacific business class long haul with kids

Learn the best tips for flying Cathay Pacific in business class with kids including where to sit, inflight dining, amenities and more.

Tips for flying with toddlers and babies long haul.

As soon as I have a long haul flight booked, my daughter and I repeatedly go over these five tips.

Jlab headphones

My jet setter seems to like these headphones best of all the ones we’ve tried while flying and during road trips.

Long Haul Flights With Kids Jet Lag

Jet lag in kids is something parents can actively prevent. After years of long haul travel and professional advice, I’ve learned how to manage it.

Pillow Pets Flying With Kids

Keep the kids comfortable in-flight with a cute My Pillow Pet and blanket.

flying with kids

Lean basic tips for flying with babies, toddlers and preschoolers.

flying with kids gear

Aside from wine in-flight, these 9 items will help parents pack and stay sane when flying with kids.

international family vacations flying with kids long haul

The final installment of flying long haul with kids includes my packing list and issues you might encounter.

Learn tips for getting babies to sleep on long haul flights

In this installment of flying long haul with kids, we discuss gear that helps on-board and getting the kids to sleep on the plane.