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Gear for the family that makes flying, road trips and hotels much easier.
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From a travel Nespresso maker to skincare, find cool gifts here for the traveler in your life.

Years later, I still use XCom Global to stay connected during international travel. I haven't found a WiFi hotspot that is better.

I’ve been using XCom Global for WiFi when traveling overseas for the last almost three years. Here’s why.

See why I prefer Blurb books for organizing travel and other memories.

Lightroom sends books directly to Blurb, estimates cost and lets you edit photos from within the book template. How easy is that?

The KnowRoaming SIM sticker can save you money on international roaming fees.

The KnowRoaming SIM sticker may save you big money on international roaming and data fees.

Find things to do in Los Angeles and beyond with the new RueBaRue app.

I’m all about both traveling well and smarter so would like to share a new app called RueBaRue that will make your next vacation to a major city much easier. As someone who is constantly battling storage space on my iPhone, I keep apps to a minimum. In a majority of cases, the

Learn the best products for taking care of skin during long haul flights.

You may feel like you’ve been on a long flight but your skin won’t show it.

Learn how best to travel with wine on the road and in airplanes.

Traveling with wine by car, plane or train requires smart packing and knowing regulations you may encounter. These tips will help.

Time Warner Phone 2 Go app allows customers to tap into their home phone lines to make and receive calls while overseas.

Tap into your home phone line to make less expensive calls while traveling domestically and overseas using an app on your smartphone or tablet.

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“Is that a Surface?” I asked my friend who had just pulled out a thin device way smaller than a laptop. It looked like a breeze to travel with and she had brought it along on our girls’ trip to Barcelona. Typing furiously on an external keyboard linked to the

Travel gear: Scooters for kids

A travel scooter for kids cuts down walking time that could otherwise make them fussy. We love this one.

Anatomie luxury travel clothing giveaway

Learn how to look your best while in-transit and enter to win $1000 worth of gorgeous travel clothing by Anatomie.

stelle speaker handbag travel gear

Is it a handbag? No, it’s a chic speaker with sounds that will blow your mind. Here’s how we use the Stelle Audio Couture Clutch.