Travel Planning Tips

How to find the best discount international flights

How to research airfare deals and book discount international flights in first, business, premium economy or economy class.

Learn the best products for taking care of skin during long haul flights.

You may feel like you’ve been on a long flight but your skin won’t show it.

If you're going to travel during the school year, here's how to do it missing minimal school while keeping in the good graces of teachers and the school district.

If you’re planning a family vacation during the school year, here are tips for minimizing absence and keeping teachers happy.

Good reasons why you should travel overseas with kids.

Kids benefit tremendously from overseas family vacations. From food to culture, here are reasons why you should travel the world with your kids.

Tips for flying with toddlers and babies long haul.

As soon as I have a long haul flight booked, my daughter and I repeatedly go over these five tips.