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Using Technology To Help Kids Stay Safe on Halloween

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While trick-or-treating on Halloween, it is important to have fun and stay safe. Use of technology and common sense can help families escape getting spooked. AT&T has compiled a list of safety tips for San Diego families to keep in mind before kids hit the streets in search of goodies.

1. Go mobile and ensure accessibility: Make sure wireless phones are fully charged. Since costumes and carrying bags of candy can become cumbersome, consider using a belt clip or other accessory that keeps the phone within easy reach.

2. Secure the line of communication: Pre-program contact information of parents, neighbors and emergency services into yours and your child’s speed dial, and be sure you know how to access these numbers with ease.

3. Establish boundaries: Families should have in place a familiarized route for children to follow while out on the town. Mobile navigation tools can assist parents and kids in creating routes, and goblins on the go can reference maps throughout the evening. Similarly, AT&T’s FamilyMap Viewer allows parents to easily and immediately locate a family member’s whereabouts from their mobile device or PC so they can keep a close watch.

4. Be in touch: Set up periodic alarms with Halloween-themed tones as a reminder for trick-or-treaters to text or call home between candy collecting stops.

5. Don’t miss a thing: Phones also come with photo, video and audio recorders, allowing spur-of-the-moment happenings to be captured and shared among friends and family in real time. AT&T’s Video Share allows you to see live video on your handset while a voice call is taking place.

6. Drive safely: With pedestrians filling streets and sidewalks, it is more important than ever for drivers to stay alert behind the wheel. If a call needs to be made or a message checked, pull over. Don’t text and drive. Check out AT&T DriveMode mobile application – it automatically sends a customizable reply to incoming texts – notifying the sender that the user is driving and unable to respond.

Have a happy and safe Halloween. And don’t forget that you can trick-or-treat in the Village today.

**Photo credit: Flickr, wwarby.

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