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10 Best Old Town San Diego Shops

Honest Thrift Studio The shop’s tagline, “Boutique finds at thrift shop prices,” describes this place perfectly. Honest Thrift Studio brings you beautiful antiques and other great finds within a lovely little nook that’s alive with an abundance of indoor plants, creating a welcoming space.

Cousin’s Candy Shop Housed inside one of Old Town’s many historic buildings, Cousin’s Candy Shop is a paradise for every sweet tooth in your family. Inside you’ll find candies of all shapes and flavors piled high in barrels, baskets, jars, bins, and cases. The treats at Cousin’s Candy Shop are high-quality, with fresh batches made daily. Baskets are available for gift-giving, or you can create your own.

Toby’s Candles Toby’s Candles is a sensory experience offering aromatic candles and scented soaps. This family-owned and operated shop sells quality candles handmade with love. The shop specializes in kaleidoscope candle kits you can take home to make yourself and handcrafted specialty candles that make wonderful gifts. Their shower steamers are popular alternatives to bath bombs, providing an at-home spa experience.

El Centro Artesano As Old Town’s largest pottery shop, El Centro Artesano brings you great ideas for adding vibrant colors to your yard spaces. With great indoor and outdoor areas to browse, this shop includes a large outdoor courtyard with rows upon rows of Mexican pots of different sizes.

Rust General Store Rust General Store is a quaint, one-of-a-kind shop with an old-fashioned feel. Selling gourmet foods and specialty items, it serves as a general store and a coffee shop with an 1860s ambiance. It’s a fun place to shop if you enjoy finding hard-to-locate food stuff you ate when you were a kid, plus things you’ve never heard of but are game to try at least once—everything from lavender candy to pickled quail eggs.

Miner’s Gems and Minerals Miner’s Gems and Minerals is a must-see. This geological treasure house comes with a highly trained staff that knows its stuff in gemology and mineralogy. It’s a museum and a shop all in one. Be sure to leave enough time to pan for gold and crystals in the designated outdoor area. The kids aren’t the only ones who will love this activity. Panning is available daily from opening until 4 p.m.

Kosay Kumeyaay Market Long before the Spaniards came to the region, the Kumeyaay lived here and were the first people to settle in what is now San Diego. Kosay Kumeyaay Market pays tribute to the original people of this area by featuring traditional artwork created by skilled artists. You’ll find authentic arts and crafts made by members of the Yuman groups of Native American origin, including various communities of the Kumeyaay, Cucapah, Kiliwa, Pai Pai, and Cochimi Nations.

Fiesta de Reyes Old Town, San Diego also has several larger shopping zones, each with its own collection of shops worth visiting. With 19 locally owned shops, Fiesta de Reyes is one of these marketplaces with great stores like Geppetto's Toys and The Crazy Pepper.

Old Town Market With over 40 shops and restaurants in one place, Old Town Market is a historic indoor and outdoor marketplace that will draw you in with its colorful offerings and vibrant atmosphere.

Bazaar del Mundo No Old Town, San Diego shopping experience is complete without a visit to the Bazaar del Mundo. Here’s where you’ll find some of the best one-of-a-kind gifts for yourself and others. Enjoy the bright, cheerful setting and great places to shop.