18 Best La Jolla Breakfast and Brunch Spots

The first meal of the day is something that my seaside community does well, which is why it’s hard to narrow down a list of the best breakfast restaurants in La Jolla, let alone rank them.

The menu has some Irish flair thanks to Chef Maeve’s roots. You should also see the cakes — her baking skills made her a Food Network champion.

Sugar and Scribe

It’s housed in one of the original La Jolla beach cottages, dating back to the late 1800s, which gives it a cozy and romantic vibe.

Brockton Villa Restaurant

The Cottage is one of the original La Jolla breakfast restaurants and perhaps the most well-known.

The Cottage La Jolla

If you just want a quick coffee and a really good scone, Brick and Bell is your place. Baked goods are baked fresh daily and they do sell out.

Brick and Bell Cafe

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