9 Interesting Facts About Black’s Beach La Jolla

Pictures just don’t do Black’s Beach San Diego justice. The dramatic Torrey Pines cliffs and Pacific Ocean waves are nothing short of breathtaking.

Photo: Levi Clancy/wikimedia.com

Known as Black’s Beach, this coastline stretch also goes by Torrey Pines State Beach and Torrey Pines City Beach.

Its official name isn't Black's Beach

Photo: Levi Clancy/wikimedia.com

Boardwalks, jetties, bathrooms, and parking may not be easily accessible from Black’s Beach.

Popular despite lacking typical beach features

Photo: Jason Scragz/wikimedia.com

Black's Beach is not named for the color of the sand or bluffs but for William Black, a controversial figure.

The beach’s unofficial name is controversial

Photo: Levi Clancy/wikimedia.com

Some of the controversy behind Black’s Beach relates to its tendency to attract Southern California nudists.

Black's Beach is known for attracting nudists

Photo: Levi Clancy/wikimedia.com

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