35 Best Things to Do in Orlando

Orlando’s claim to fame as the Theme Park Capital of the World is absolutely valid. They’re home to more theme parks than any other city on the planet.

Photo: Visit Orlando

Photo: Visit Orlando

Though there are a lot of things to do in Orlando besides theme parks, why not make room in your itinerary to visit at least one? Though you’re itinerary will likely include more than one if you have children with you.

Magic Kingdom features rides and lands that pay homage to the classic Disney films, including Sleeping Beauty, Cinderella, Snow White, and the Little Mermaid.


Let your little ones take the battle to the First Order, all in a galaxy far, far away. With the new Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance ride, this is the park for fans of The Force.


Disney’s Animal Kingdom is actually the largest theme park in the world. That’s because it’s a zoo also, that houses exotic animals from around the world that need space to roam.


Photo: Walt Disney World Resort

Begin your journey at Spaceship Earth, where you have the opportunity to travel through the history of communication, from the very first cave drawings to present-day smartphones.


Photo: Walt Disney World Resort

At Universal Studios Florida, meet your favorite characters, watch as they reenact some of the most popular big-screen scenes, and browse themed shops and restaurants.


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