Best Things to Do in San Marcos, California: A Resident’s Guide

As a North County local, I enjoy introducing residents and vacationers alike to the hidden gems of the region, and I’ve compiled a list of the best things to do in San Marcos, CA.

The serene lake exudes tranquility, and exploring certain edges reveals small ponds and wildlife that will delight children.

Lake San Marcos: Stay, Play AND Eat

Nestled in 600 acres of nature’s splendor, the spa’s grounds include Japanese gardens, avocado orchards, citrus orchards, bee hives, and tea gardens.

Golden Door Spa

Double Peak Park offers multiple hiking trails, where you can see for miles to the ocean.

Double Peak Park

This local lake is a popular place to sit back and relax as you observe the many bird species that inhabit the area.

Discovery Lake

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