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What to Know About Disneyland Tickets in 2023

Expect enhanced health and safety measures. Due to the constant change in standards, they are subject to change anytime without notice.


Reservations are required and it’s easy to check dates before you buy.


After purchasing Disneyland discount tickets, you will need to link the tickets to your Disney account to access the reservation system.


1-Day tickets are almost never discounted. Usually, the best place to buy a 1-Day ticket is directly through Disneyland Resort. Teachers, students, military, and a few other groups may be eligible for discount 1-Day passes through various organizations.


Kids ages 2 and under are free, and they do not need reservations. Children ages 3–9 need a child ticket, while ages 10 and older require an adult ticket.


Be aware of terms and conditions. Check expiration dates, refund and transfer policies, and how you’ll receive the theme park tickets after you buy them.


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