How to Buy Discount San Diego Zoo Safari Park Tickets:

17 Cheaper Ways

I’m a San Diego Zoo Wildlife Alliance member and a huge advocate of visiting San Diego Zoo Safari Park. I’ll share why it’s not your average zoo .

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San Diego Zoo Safari Park charges a $2 per ticket administrative fee. You pay less overall with my discount code because taxes and fees are included in the price.

First, These Are San Diego Zoo Safari Park Ticket Prices at the Gate

The most popular way to get discounted admission to San Diego attractions, is through my affiliation with San Diego-based aRes Travel.

The Lowest Price for 1-Day Tickets — Request My Promo Code

If you want to visit San Diego Zoo Safari Park twice, do not buy two separate 1-Day tickets. You’ll save significantly by purchasing the 2-Visit Pass.

Go Twice for Less with 2-Visit Passe

If you qualify for this discount, you will present your ID at a ticket booth window when you arrive at the park. Parking is not included.

Senior Discounts – Free in February

If you are a travel agent, airline employee, or cruise line employee, you can receive a 10% discount on a 1-Day Pass.

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