How to Buy Universal Studios Hollywood Discount Tickets in 2023

Universal Studios Hollywood is one of the best attractions in Southern California, but like many theme parks, the costs can add up.

Luckily, you’re about to learn how to buy Universal Studios Hollywood discount tickets from authorized sellers that you can take straight to the gate!

aRes Travel is a San Diego-based, authorized ticket seller to major California attractions that I have worked with for years.

Cheapest 1-Day Tickets

They offer some of the cheapest ways to buy discount Universal Studios Hollywood tickets for the park only or in combination with other popular Southern California theme parks for deeper savings during normal times.

The Go Los Angeles pass saves up to 50% off of admission to over 40 top Los Angeles and other Southern California attractions, tours, and theme parks, including Universal Studios Hollywood, in three simple steps.

Go Los Angeles Sightseeing Pass

You can also bundle your cheap tickets with 43 different hotels, from budget to luxury, in a vacation package. There are a lot of benefits to choosing nearby hotels, including skipping (hopefully) notorious L.A. traffic.

Universal Studios Hollywood Vacation Packages

The online-only California Neighbor Pass is good for 175 days throughout the year, including 25 weekend days if you can visit during off-peak dates.

Discounted Southern California Resident Tickets and Passes

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