15 Things to Do at the Japanese Friendship Garden San Diego

The garden was established as an expression of friendship with our first sister city, Yokohama, Japan.

Photo: Cohn Restaurant Group

Design elements stem from ancient principles of Japanese garden design and express an appreciation for our two cultures through nature.

Curved pathways weave throughout the Japanese Friendship Garden’s 12 acres. Along the way, you’ll stumble upon stepping stone pathways and bridges to keep you focused along the way.

Take a Peaceful Stroll

You can take a closer look at them in the koi pond closest to the main entrance near the Oribe-doro lantern.

Watch the Koi

Japanese gardens feature deliberately-placed stones that usually represent mountains or islands. Raked curves in gravel that you commonly see in zen rock gardens represent the movement of water.

Pay Attention to the Stones

Look out for bridges scattered throughout the garden. The Maple Bridge, pictured here, offers one of the best views of the Lower Garden especially when it’s in bloom.

Take Photos from and of the Bridges

The Bonsai Society of San Diego maintains the collection on display. To appreciate bonsai, you must understand that it is an art.

Appreciate the Japanese Friendship Garden Bonsai Collection

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