How to Choose the Best Bento Lunch Box for Kids

If you’re working from home or looking for ways to stay efficient, it may be easier for you to prepare lunch before the day starts.

Why not put it in a bento lunch box that it’s ready to go when the kids (and you) break to eat? This way, you’re not spending time on meal prep in the middle of the day.

The entire stainless steel unit and its snack containers with lids can be washed in the top rack of the dishwasher. It’s easy to wipe clean, too, because the compartments have rounded corners.

PlanetBox Rover

A solution for younger kids who like warm meals like pasta in their school lunches. A leakproof Thermos insert in the middle of the OmieBox specifically holds liquids and hot food.

OmieBox Bento Box

This bento lunch box provides a great deal of flexibility. You can leave containers out if you need to create a big space for large sandwiches, leftovers, or anything that’s an awkward shape.

Bentology Lunch Boxes

The lunch bags that these bento containers slip into are made in the same patterns as matching backpacks, water bottles, and even luggage.

Pottery Barn Kids All-in-one Recycled Bento Box

These are BPA free, get good reviews, very lightweight, and inexpensive. It’s easy to store them while stacked on top of each other.


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