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What to Pack for San Diego Weather

Winter (December, January, February)  San Diego weather typically averages in the high 60s on the warm side and low 50s on the cool side. There will be days with blue skies, warmer temperatures, and sunshine that mirrors summer. Layering is advised, but shorts are still worn.

Spring (March, April, May) Weather averages in the high 60s on the warm side and high 50s on the cool side, but there will be lovely days in the 70s.  We have a seasonal event along the coast that we call “May Gray” which means that it’s as the name implies… cloudy skies that often, but not always, clear in the afternoon. This starts usually in mid-May.  It’s not “cold” but we San Diegans find it annoying and might put on jeans and UGG boots.

Summer (June, July, August) May Gray transitions to June Gloom, in most cases. By the end of June, it should be perfect beach weather.  Weather in July and August weather is awesome. The sun is out and the days are long. Average high temperatures are in the high 70s and lows average high 60s. There are usually many days in the 80s. You’ll likely be in beachwear, shorts, short sleeves and sweaters in the evenings.

Fall (September, October, November)  San Diego’s shoulder season is a dream when it comes to weather, crowds, and pricing. The odds of it being warm are quite high. The weather starts to turn chillier around Halloween when the time changes.  Average high temperatures are in the mid-70s and average low temperatures are in the low 60s.

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