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Things to Do in San Diego in November

November begins tide pooling season in San Diego because one of our twice-daily low tides happens during daylight hours. The best times to go are during minus tides. Be sure to check tide charts online to find out when minus tides occur.

Go tide pooling.


Head to the Japanese Friendship Garden, where you’ll see some maple tree leaves turn color into pretty reds and oranges. There are also some exhibits to check out, like the Maneki Neko, or lucky cat, collection on display through the end of November.

Enjoy fall colors.


Spend time recharging at a wellness-centric resort like Rancho Valencia, with lots of fitness activities. Or, spend time at Golden Door, one of the best destination spas in the world. I have benefits at both spots you’ll want to take advantage of!

Take a wellness-centric staycation (or vacation).


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