What to Do in San Diego with the Kids Home From School

There is one silver lining during this difficult time. San Diego residents and those who find themselves here can find fun things to do that fit various socially distancing comfort levels.

Look for local charities that you can help during this difficult time be it a project that you can complete at home or a project out in the field that you are comfortable with supporting.

Seek Out Charitable Projects

We have 70 miles of coastline and you can likely take advantage of San Diego beaches without the crowds. Walk your dogs in the morning and evenings (when they are permitted) as the days are longer now.

Go to the Beach

Did you know that Mission Bay has 12 miles of flat, easy bike paths that are mostly vehicle-free?

Ride Bikes Around Mission Bay

Head to Mission Bay or the beach where there is space to fly one. They even make pocket kites that are easier to carry around and can likely be flown in your backyard.


It’s likely that you may pass by some uncrowded parks or beaches where you can safely get out for fresh air.

Take the 59-Mile Drive

Take an early morning (before it gets busy) trip over to the Children’s Pool to see the seals — it’s pupping season so there are babies — and walk over to La Jolla Cove for sea lion viewing.

Visit the La Jolla Seals and Sea Lions (EARLY)

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