Snorkeling in San Diego: Expert Answers to Your FAQs

If you’re wondering whether there is good snorkeling in San Diego, the answer is yes. Thanks to clear water and a marine life-rich underwater park, most of the best spots are right here in La Jolla.

With the increased interest in outdoor activities due to our current world situation, questions have been landing in my inbox about where to go snorkeling, what fish and sea life are visible, snorkel rentals, and more.

LA JOLLA COVE All that you need to do is put on your snorkel and fins and swim out into the ocean to explore what lives among the low-lying rocks and kelp beds here.

Where should I go snorkeling in San Diego?

Photo: Birch Aquarium

-Sea lions -Garibaldi -Bat rays -Two-spotted octopus -Moray eels -Calico bass

What will I see when snorkeling in San Diego?

If you’re going to take the hourlong summer leopard shark snorkeling tour that stays mostly in the shallows, I don’t think you need a wetsuit.

Do I need a wetsuit?

Yes. So, bring or rent a snorkel and fins. The worst thing that happens is that you get some exercise, but you are very likely to see something if you want to leisurely wing it.

Can a novice swim out and see fish at La Jolla Shores or La Jolla Cove?

There’s no real threat of predators that can harm you, plenty of flora and fauna, and as long as you’re aware of the swell, the waters and visibility are usually on your side!

Is snorkeling in La Jolla safe?

Photo: Birch Aquarium

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