Sesame Place San Diego Guide: Tickets, Rides, Shows & Tips

The Sesame Street-themed park in Southern California joins the likes of the San Diego Zoo and SeaWorld San Diego. From Elmo to Big Bird, these childhood favorites all come to life at Sesame Place San Diego.

With a gate price of $84.99 (plus general parking), these types of admission tickets get expensive fast, particularly for families with multiple kids ages 2 and up.

Sesame Place San Diego Tickets and Tips

The Any Day ticket offered directly through the Sesame Place website brings the price down the admission ticket to $64.99, although a service fee of $9.99 is added when purchasing online.

The park incorporates elements of the former Aquatica water park, water attractions, slides, and other water features are heavily featured. That said, many excellent options exist for visitors who prefer to stay dry.

Sesame Place San Diego Rides & Slides

Youngsters interested in taking on the excitement of a real roller coaster are encouraged to start with Super Grover’s Box Car Derby, which provides a gentle introduction.


Set aside time to catch everyone’s favorite furry friends, and appreciate the talented performers and the spectacularly designed sets and floats.

Shows & Parades

This daily, dynamic parade provides a great means of recharging between rides but may be overwhelming for sensory-sensitive kids with its intense audio-visual and special effects.


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