15 Fun Things to Do in Mexico City with Kids

There’s no getting around that your list of things to do in Mexico City with kids should include famous museums and historic sites.

Some of the more interesting crafts to buy here include the alebrijes, which are sculptures of traditional mythical creatures.

La Ciudadela Market

Chapultepec Castle can be found within this forested area, and you should spend some time seeing the exhibitions inside.

Chapultepec Park

Over the years, this lovely area has solidified itself as one of the best Mexico City tourist attractions and is often referred to as the Venice of Mexico City.


This complex is made up of many step pyramids and temples and named a UNESCO World Heritage site due to its cultural importance and otherworldly beauty.


The temple itself was dedicated to the goddess of the Earth, Tlaltecuhtli. Interesting monoliths and intricately carved sculptures can be found throughout the building.

The Templo Mayor

Many locals see Centro Historico as the main historic center in all of Mexico City. It’s not surprising as many buildings have stood strong there for more than five centuries.

Centro Historico

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