La Jolla Mom

Top Animal Interactions at San Diego Zoo Safari Park

This is one of the most up-close-and-personal exhibits. You can walk along a path without barriers between you and the wallabies and kangaroos sprinting around.

Walkabout Australia


This exhibit, filled with adorable goats, is the only location where you can actively go up to animals to pet them.

Petting Kraal


At various times in the day, you can visit a keeper with a small animal for you to interact with and learn about.

Nairobi Station


This is a fun spot for your little ones to feed the ducks. They never seem to lose their appetites!

Lagoon Loop


This is a seasonal spring event. Guests can walk through the blooming aviary, where around 30 species of butterflies roam. The aviary is also home to birds, lush greenery, and flowers.

Butterfly Jungle