40 Universal Studios Hollywood Tips and Tricks

I’ve put together a list of expert Universal Studios Hollywood tips to help you make the most of your day. Minimizing line waiting and forming an efficient strategy will be key to having fun.

Plan your excursion for midweek when there are typically fewer people. If you can be flexible with dates, check out isitpacked.com to help you decide which day will be the least crowded.

Best Time to Go to Universal Studios Hollywood

Buy tickets in advance. This is the most essential money and timesaving tip when it comes to admission. Having tickets in-hand or scanned on a mobile device is one way to assist.

Saving Money on Tickets

Consider buying the Universal Express Pass which provides shorter wait times for eligible rides, shows, and attractions.

Download the Universal Studios Hollywood App. This is going to save you time searching for shows, reserving spots, and locating restaurants and attractions.

General Tips for Universal Studios Hollywood

Check out the show schedule when you arrive and plan everything else around that. Rides run consistently during park open hours but shows happen only at set times.

The World-Famous Studio Tour closes before the park does so don’t forget to fit that in well before closing times.

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