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London’s Burning Cocktail Recipe From Whisknladle

London’s Burning might be a song by The Clash but it’s also my husband’s favorite cocktail. Whisknladle, one of La Jolla’s best restaurants. We ate there last week and our server tipped us off that after six years on the menu, the London’s Burning cocktail is being replaced in in an effort to preserve the seasonal nature of the restaurant.

The cocktail isn’t exactly run-of-the-mill with its exotic combination of avocado, jalapeno water and gin. It definitely has a kick to it while being rather spa-like with subtle hints of gin. The good news is that fans of this unique cocktail can now make it at home using the recipe below.

Whisknladle’s London’s Burning Cocktail Recipe

Jalapeà±o Water (makes 2 cups)
4 jalapeà±os (no seeds)
Juice of 5 limes
1/2 avocado
1 cup water
Puree all ingredients together in blender.

To make cocktail
1 oz of Jalapeà±o Water
1.5 oz of gin
.5 oz of simple syrup
squeeze of lemon
Garnish with a chile.

About Whisknladle

whisknladle charcuterie meat and cheese boardWhisknladle is one of our favorite La Jolla restaurants for it’s farm-fresh cooking utilizing the best ingredients. We always start with the cutting board, a platter of meats, pickles and cheese selected by the chef. The meats are cured in-house.

Though I love the Whisknladle Caesar salad, my entree choices vary based on what’s on the menu. My husband always orders based on the server’s recommendation. This last time, he settled on stuffed quail. However, the chocolate peanut butter vacherine (peanut butter ice cream, fudge sauce, spicy peanuts and creme anglaise) was by far the belle of the ball. I highly recommend it if you like the combination of salty and sweet.

Do make a reservation in order to avoid disappointment. You probably have a month or so, we’re told, before the London’s Burning disappears. Try it in the restaurant and then mix it up at home!

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